Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Framed Or Not?

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Thanks again for turning in It Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re getting ready to close up and head home and I know today has been talking a lot about self-care to do with yourself and what covid could be for in all these different things but I wanted to share what has happened and some things that have transformed within me during remodeling projects at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee We have been working together on money different projects and I know that deep within me I have had a calling all of my life to do greatness and sometimes when you’re going through storms and your storm is the most embarrassing so I’m out there you want people to know that those storms are in a different room and when you come up against the storm you need to look that storm up and you need to go at it you just need to fight and when you fight in a spiritual round let me tell you there is just power a I experienced loving kindness in a different way than I ever have ever in my life and growing up I wanted to be a nurse I wanted to take care of people I wanted to do all these great things for them and help them in their lines and feed them and clothe them and I do on a 24-hour volunteer basis however a gnome that Within Me that was a Ministry within me and I am slowly learned their my calling is as something else my calling has always been to work with women and children and I’ve only seen myself on a different scale not in the scale of things but in the scale of ministry Ikea telling you that the best thing I ever did was update my cabinets at updating my cabinets was the best thing I could have done only because it brought sense to my life a broad sense within me it brought sense to my mind and my body and it helped me understand what my life and at I can tell you that my whole life has changed simply because I’ve done my cabinets and I continue to feed myself positivity I stayed away from a lot of the negatives that I could have and I only wanted to do Grant and I only wanted to find the product route covid-19 zomake and I think that’s really I’m a a person that if there is going to be a complication there’s going to be a damn good reason for it and a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I can tell you I am definitely experienced some complications throughout covid-19 but I can also tell you that when you start a remodeling project your mind goes a hundred miles an hour you want to decorate you want to put nails into wet paint you want to put up blinds when you got to paint a counter and you should you got to take steps back and it we’re okay with that I think because we leave that project but you’re left with it so I’m sure that customers constantly rack their brains and want to see the goodness and want to do more but for me I had to step into another room I had to eat McDonald’s I had a very small place and I just get really excited I really do and I always say I love what I do and I do a back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling the Marquis if it wasn’t for this company I would probably have to have had a lot of mental health treatment I’m given the previous careers that I’ve had through this time of covet it was only what a 2-month process we were able to step back and some of us had to go down to nothing and build up to something and some of us were just built up during this time and it’s mind-boggling how God just kind of took over and said no it’s my turn to let you know where you’re at and where you need to be and I just can’t get over the Bible study that I had that last night it blew my mind away it just blew my mind away and a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I cannot encourage you enough 2 take your remodeling projects into another realm don’t always look at something that’s built from the ground up and say you know what is the basement sit in that basement when it’s a dungeon when there’s spiders crawling around get personal get intimate the things that used to be there or take a look around I know that in our basement it looks like somebody homeschooled and I started a search searching it in and nothing really came up ever but I felt like the mom they’re homeschooling her kids and I’m just weird to me the layers when we took off the layers playing and drive all in one and it just it was amazing it was something that I was very interested in knowing and never found out but letting your home learned what it’s about research it learn the story behind it cuz we need to start remodeling you’re going to live lift up different layers and I encourage you to do that with yourself and answer the bus part of remodeling is peeling in layers of heart and getting to know your home and have a relationship because that home becomes a part of you you live there you eat there you change their you build families there at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s what we’re all about we love it we love that we can come into your house create a new home we can add functionality you can increase your memory time it’s just a beautiful thing and I can’t be any more excited for anybody then we’ve been excited for and I just I love it I’m super excited and it’s great and I don’t want anything to change but I know growth is here and I’m ready for it