Okay something address of federal that I have already this one as well as another we’re done basement remodeling Milwaukee. You as well yeah for Christmas my old roommate got us tickets show me pics Skyline one and I was like whatever they want to be kayaking in there so we’re going to go for the skyline 1 during the day how can I best have a good weekend. okay some other time or self I got 14 grandkids. Because whatever I set up a time to talk for a little a little traffic when I go to get it done pretty quick.

I have a couple of things I could have done as well but I don’t know if there’s anything else I list of things to do today. I’m sure I’ll think of something that I need to get down a fraction that actually answer the phone quite a bit today I’ve actually had a couple calls since everybody’s left. Everything that happens but it a joke about it see what go what if we could we have a couple Link in bio on phone calls which is really fine I wish I was a late I know we have one coming in. There’s a swell guy. His name is Rob and he’s supposed to be giving us a call basement remodeling Milwaukee. I know what color referring to list of them so we know it’s coming over you don’t know why because I said we didn’t like it tell him to call from the day this time I think there’s ever a time you want to make a project I really need to get some good ones cuz I only have one contract sign that’s in my $50 I can have. Everyone to get that signed a type of 5 had set up this time. I think I’m going next week for the kitchen maybe the one for like the bathroom as well good thing basement remodeling Milwaukee. Is it for the previous ones I’ve missed you.

I don’t think that not a lot of people have that kind of money sitting around just like a bath and kind of thing. So I just I don’t think this was going with us it’s going to stink because I feel like I’m becoming a marketing and advertising for us if she word title the bathroom issue could show up like a client to self like what it looks like. And then the calls to like say she had when he will need to the referral that you prefer us. But obviously going to the scientist think their prices are outrageous she’s going to hold her extensively don’t go to them. But actually our prices are a lot cheaper than others in the area just going to punch your calling basement remodeling Milwaukee. It’s going to cost a local handyman it’s not going to be as a friend so just because like I don’t I don’t know.

Like if you were to call on your own they’re going to charge you that I’d even more than if you were to go to your house kind of thing. But like if you just go straight through us like we did everything we set everything up and it might might seem like more money in the end but it still could meet you in town if you were to leak when did everything on your own yourself anything you have family that is not referral the word for three typing cuz I would definitely really nice if they could do that. Left early word for your cost significantly but nine times out of ten it’s not the case. So I don’t know so I don’t know if she’ll be able to really hope that she does but I don’t think she well she was a nice lady to pick up definitely doesn’t sound like it would be a really expensive project but I came to about $22,000 today so definitely it is a little pricey than she would like I don’t know if she does so that definitely could be like why it’s kind of pricey it a little more expensive kind of thing. Cuz I don’t know if you want to title bathroom shower and everything like I should have just to a regular old insert a little bit and I only way that she could cut Hedges and save costs but I just don’t know like if that’s something that he would do I’m not for sure just because I have no idea. I’ve only been here a couple like months or so so I mean everything and I just haven’t really like that until I put everything together basement remodeling Milwaukee. But hopefully eventually they will be able to hit that I can just kind of like that will be remove Justin price kind of thing. Just because I copy that Knowledge Test line through a lot more helpful like down the road when I get to start doing like more estimate kind of things. This past week I did go how the whole process is kind of like down kind of thing. We are actually kind of table that I really don’t want to go to.

But I don’t know it also be super weird going on right now just because like Marvin is gone. Like you cuz I’m so used to walk in the front door in like Marvin Bagley right there and he’s not going to be there today which is super sad but I know he’s having lots of fun with my parents and they say he’s controlling and running and having the time of his life so that’s really good. I’m happy that he’s getting so that I will. Because she’s taking the dog park at least a couple text David just sometimes stuff gets busy and we just don’t have the time to do it. Like the Satanist conduit that many times we want once but next week we will be able to take them or basement remodeling Milwaukee.