Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Pulling Your Hair Out?

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Good morning today is again a great day at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling in Milwaukee thank you for tuning in today as you know we will be moving forward with some remodeling projects this weekend and I’m super excited because they’re small updating projects and we need to go ahead and move forward with a couple of these and now there’s been a few debates about my baby boys room he has a big blank space above his dresser and we’ve debated many many many times of what we were going to do with that space and there’s been times where I wanted to just add to make chalkboard there’s been times where I wanted to add canvases at a very expensive rate and then there’s been times where I wanted to just add a collage of different posters of his favorite cartoons and characters but I never found anything that was suitable for him nothing that ever made sense for his room personalized for him I’ve even ran into some wallpaper and it was it’s just an empty space and only thing on the space is cold rack coat hanger hooks whatever you call them but at back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we decided yesterday we were going to use the space for storage now this weekend I am cleaning out the basement and I know that there are some toys that we want to keep and there’s some toys that just need to go and move on to a new home and Back to Basics build a I started Googling images for Nerf gun storage and throughout this process I found some crazy ideas some bins shelving with Ben’s tubs of guns and then we found a board and if you’re looking for an inexpensive storage pegboard is great it’s amazing and I am really excited because my friend is a great artist and he has decided to personalize it for divine and create an Avengers mural and 8 by 4 mayoral for Devon and pegboard know I’m excited because I know the style of the mural will be versatile meaning Divine will be able to carry this throughout his life and he will never forget says he will keep this with him and he can always use this for whatever story he wants or he can use it as art at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I am that Mom that looks for ways to decorate purposefully I love cute fun things but I also love that they serve their purpose at Back to Basics Builders we’re really excited to go ahead and create a mirror from pegboard and it will be in Avengers Armory and I think I’m more excited than anyone else in the house about this project but at Back to Basics Builders as moms have to be on our toes with storage and purposeful storage and decor if I’m creating a coffee bar I’m creating coffee bar that’s going to look cute but serve purpose I might use some fancy little containers with them fancy little containers will be used are not decorative containers that’s my stuff I just did and Back to Basics Builders I remember as a young girl we had decorative towels and we could not touch and we had decorative pillows that we could not use and we had decorative knick knacks. We could not play with and we had Collectibles we could not touch and to me when you were a child Back to Basics builders you want to be very purposeful with the things that you do in life and maybe store things away in Ben’s if you’re not ready for a big heads to come out and play with them but I am very excited to move forward I am very excited for this weekend I’m very excited that we get to spend time together to improve our home just go sit down get your work done rat doing this today a back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we are very excited for Memorial Day weekend we want you to know to be safe and to handle one project at a time maybe not multiple but we are we’re really excited and moving forward with different things and makes me happy makes me really happy to know that we are going to move forward with all these different projects but they’ll get done by the end of the weekend and we will have work space to continue more projects and it’ll be nice it’ll be really really really nice at Back to Basics pillars want you to schedule your free estimate today we are giving out free estimates the schedule yours at 414-460-0075 you can also fill out a contact page at Back to Basics you can feel that page out to the best of your knowledge and abilities and we will give you a call and provide you with a date for a free estimate at back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we love hearing from custom wheel of their reviews we love that we to go on our website and remember that obstacles that we may have overcome through their projects with their pictures on our website and it just makes me happy that this is a great weekend a kickoff to summer spring is almost over coven roles are being modified and lifted and our community is definitely moving forward and Back to Basics Brothers we want you to know that we care and that we hope that you have a safe and beautiful Memorial Day weekend and that you don’t get too overwhelmed or bog down by the projects of updating you are home this weekend whether it’s lawn cutting whether it’s painting weather at sanding or updating and refurbishing a piece of furniture at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re excited to grow with you.