Okay I’m going to do this one so that I can get ahead I’m going to read about some pre-workout that I want to try I don’t know if it’s really going to be that effective but it’s one that the fitness influencer follow pulse about if we look at $45 which is pretty expensive but there’s 40 servings so we could do 4 easy payments but I need like a PayPal account with a don’t have her the what CD.  flavors we can get our rainbow candy which I don’t know what that means blue slushie strawberry snow cone sour green apple which all kind of sound pretty good I shall look up workout that wasn’t a very good sentence I could try it again if we do review here we go through the flavor of you is anybody going to here we go do people say about the Pre-Workout on you are saying is very good infamous well where to buy it I mean you can get it anywhere but see what we have here oh I guess it’s a a caffeine booster that you will feel wave has how long you think it should last basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I want to see all good I don’t have that buzz feeling it’s super hard but it’s long-lasting I don’t know what a new traffic is I just want to see what the flavors taste like I want some flavors you know look at the review Louisville going to save what the flavors are in like and I guess I don’t know here we go read all 96 reviews here we go none of them are five star reviews on this look blue slushie lot of people like that flavor so paste think it’s only it’s keeping you up at night will probably if you take it to close to nighttime pre-workout is definitely going to keep you up at night seems pretty obvious.  basement remodeling Milwaukee if you look at this one somebody said yeah we got a horse how many papers are there how many papers are there all should be good for one envelope for it what are you doing a folded up to you or you just going to Orange knee like a regular like yellow folder something all right I don’t know why it’s like that does a folder so when I arrived I was like not that they were they were frustrated that you know who is going fastest oh well yeah Ramon likes to do that.

Not like it was a problem are you seeing this morning make sure they’re not like they were yesterday morning probably are can use this folder I don’t use it for anything you like it it’s pink I don’t know I don’t really have anything that useful in here then he’s useless dividers what’s the. I don’t know why I did that if we keep going you’re dropping it off at Wauwatosa you dropping it off like basement remodeling milwaukee  personally call Mike yacks email it going to take another 17 years what do you see Mike Niederman there yes everything stare them down 15 Back to Basics Builders Brian help me help you he is some transfer over real quick the waterproofing easy call I’m this person said it’s the best one I’ve ever taken on my phone load some more reviews how people think the blue slushie apparently is the oldest person says green apple is probably the best appreciate basement remodeling milwaukee  all the help they really like the green apple flavor when.  great tasting did you hang up that would say what what kind of ship out like a male I don’t know the exact address I use I would I don’t think it’s written down I should probably write them down but I couldn’t tell you if that sounds right.

this one is basement remodeling milwaukee this one is a five you will think this is the best one they’ve had I do like the blue raspberry flavor which is good.  just tell me how to change a lot of people really like Deon no Jitters which is good sour apple is the best one line people say if you’re not blue 1 in them green apples. Do I have to get one of those big apple juice guys are probably just going to blue raspberry I want CD bad reviews cuz like good reviews are good reviews bud what’s the lowest rating the Four Season 2 bad person says I don’t give a 4 but only spoke of good things about it I did not like the blue one but basement remodeling milwaukee they did like the strawberry even though most people do like the blue I just want to see this person does say there’s a crash on this person does left people do that we also have a see yeah so there’s only a few for start of use out of the there’s no bad reviews so I have to get some I don’t know maybe I’ll have to get some of the blue 1 on my account to see what that would look like see what that came with like yeah that is pretty sweet logo apparel apparel it’s really nothing that exciting I think I have a either way the whole basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’m usually not much else I have to think of right now the fact that I want to get a few more of these done for the day is but not to worry about on Friday because I’ll just make it into my week. I will need to type because i do not know exactly what to say all the time and realistically i am just trying to pass the time, i saw a picture this morning that kind of grossed me out but it was informal or informational i do not know the actual term to use in this situation that is laugh out loud funny. Are you ready to get started?? Call us today!