Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Going the Distance

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Yes its time we start to finish our basement our first step is finally paid for and competed remember that wall full of stains and mold the pressure washer had to remove it then we had to go in and scrub with wire brushes just to get some of it cleaned it was torturous now lets think about the new space that will soon be coming to our home back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee did a great job they had professionals come in and clean the space mud jack the outside of the basement and replaced some of the cement we painted the floor of the basement then we added some area rug and its gorgeous oh not to mention the new wiring of the electrical is now safe and acceptable to have kids in the space playing while I work on some new projects we also have a fridge downstairs so we can continue working on nice projects together yes the basement is going to be a giant multipurpose space for everyone to use we have a space for the kids that can also be used for entertainment we have a small stage with large mirriors and microphones karaoke machines and loud speakers in another cormer we have space for projects a work station with shelving and fans just to air out the odors of some projects then we have a laundry space and we have a small dry bar but what should the play area look like as I ponder the thoughts of basement remodeling Milwaukee coming in and finishing out basement I think about the space I want it to be imagination nerf wars projects galore with it also able to be a space of quiet and a space of rest and a space of fun and laughter while we gather around for the holidays its exciting its going to be great to see the finishing of the space back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee have already agreed to hang some mirrors and add stage space there will be hooks with dresses hanging on them and big cozy couches new to use couches with big fat thick pillows oh how I am so excited to see the change in the space I know mom wants a work out space so we may have to axe out the dry bar and just consider health for a while until we get our thickness under control im so happy for the kids they will have a space to play in and call theirs while the grownup will also have a space that they can call their own everyone having their own space will be great a place to think and a place to inspire a place where we can dream of what we want to be I am so happy how about that chalk paint has anyone tried that I am considering using it on a project however I heard so many pros and few cons and am not sure if the sacrifice is great enough o consider it on the walls or on furniture that will be installed in the walls back to basic builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I am sure can help us decide if we should use it for more projects in the house I have also seen some really nice ideas on different websites but have you seen the ideas that were shared on back to basics builders website you should check it out they have newly remodeled basements posted on their website definitely not completely decorated and personalized but I have seen the completed remodel waiting for families to fill their new space it is my favorite part of the project is seeing how we can make a newly finished basement our own I can picture little girls singing and creating memories as they sing along with their favorite Disney songs then I can see the boys sweating after a round of nerf gun wars oh how those were the most terrible when the youngest was crawling I always felt like they would fall on her or shoot her eyes out as they ran around masked with different characters and used shields their teams consisting of their individualism how creative can one be to carry his own weight in a battle against parents and siblings the joys of watching the memories grow the shared meals we will have pizza and football I cannot wait for it all to come together have you seen some creative spaces what will your basement be purposed for what will your memories be of what will you add to personalize it will it be solely for entertaining strictly a gym an office a library a playroom or all of the above I have seen so many variations of large and small spaces most of the time I hear I just need this fixed and cleaned so I can use it sometimes people struggle with creating their own spaces and that is when the other part of our team comes in and more professionals to help you design your space beyond the walls and floors you want to add a guest room or a couch with a pull out bed or you would like to add strictly toys with balance beams and hanging bars and ropes for climbing personalizing can definitely be overwhelming and can be very draining in situations when you want to make the most out of a small space or a large space with not enough idea that is why I love that I can create a space just for my kids I picture memories I want to create knowing it will not be the most perfect Pinterest picture but it will had space for the kids to play and that alone is greatness in comparison to what we do have back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee has create creativity they see beyond primary colors and what I love most about the team thy admit they have no idea what you are talking about or what you are asking for and they will find an answer with their network of different expertise at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you are always guaranteed quality through product and that too I love I love that they can come in and change a space with quality work and have another team come in and design your space with accessories and have you be part of every step adding personalization to every project