Okay so what did I just say I’m we we ended with a look now we ended with the Orioles and Sophie look at the Mets versus the Cubs and I text you a lot or beat the Cubs which is good that means the Brewers and then stay tied. I got the Los Diez got to save was just calling to see did Pitch one inning strike-out 3 on Arrieta pitch 5 Innings give a 4 runs going to 514 era on the year so Anthony Rizzo to get the loss see I’m sober I got picked off but hook that cops nobody really had two games except for wisdom and Rizzo see wisdom just continues to hit a homerun, I still don’t know where this guy came from 2019 just came out of nowhere he’s always been a average player in the league. Came in with Saint Louis so I used as a career AAA guide now he’s in the league in.  totally row basement remodeling Milwaukee right.

Exciting look at the Mets BR went over 3 wind or went over 300 fuel on to 1/3 so all their best players are definitely struggled brother net worth see the Blue Jays played the Red Sox in the Red Sox won 2 to 1 light looks like Boston walked off better players I mean Devers went to 44 unami I as well as Verdugo also went to 44 Uvalde pissed go 2 and 6 and 2/3 no run for strikethrough.  can I see basement remodeling milwaukee the pictures for throttle plate on Barn to take below the Savory to pick up the wind so that’s exciting for him black Jr with 244 he hit another homerun of course this is what he does and I hope that he is 1144 what 13 go ahead Tasker Hernandez how much one fourth reading Capezio forward at their little so cut my Piazza. See  I just want to see where we’re at in terms of his average and I was heading and everything I mean he’s a very good heading card scroll shows on see where at the see where Adam and there’s 91 overall Piazza card if you had a 93 average contact you keep those by your desk if you want I never I saw you always have to get up and him.

Pretty crazy that that happened on there’s also a 93 average contact Lisa and 96 average power with 73 arm strength that does not seem too bad the playoff in 92 so and honestly like there’s something very clear that stealing me there is adley rutschman if we look at his where no idea we would have Time Rush many times leave worse than Piazza 65 Yeah she just said diesel 65 you can pay basement remodeling milwaukee this with cash or check that I don’t remember Maybe Interesting yet anyways Rush been a lot of players like him but I really think that little bit more on strength he has isn’t going to be that much better than what I can do so see that I don’t know if you the Hall of Famer 12.93 through however long make you just great so I’m curious I definitely serves it when I remember we’re mostly in the Madison and I know we play on the Padres but he’s always a very good hitter and strike out that much had a good on base percentage though little kids getting Playboy first every once in awhile so the win rookie of the year I never won MVP use always sucking in MVP voting 1996 see who we lost it 2 in 1996 he lost a Beacon Community.

For none really heard of But Ken basement remodeling milwaukee Caminiti I looked like he did play a little bit better the three-time All-Star official glove solenoid never heard of them but none the less talk to your Bonsai she wanted 14040 and probably should have won the MVP so I need to go to bed resume for 1997 word love to Larry Walker with a Very Good Year just a little bit better I want the best headers I know what kind of Larry Walker cards show Zone has forum where the show has because it seems like a guy that yeah 19 is a breakout card which means seems a little excessive with me his contact and power down I mean is faster than that so I’m not a big fan that card either way bold guard witch that’s not much better either so we can skip the 100 cards there but nobody would want to leave your locker after looking basement remodeling milwaukee  at that we also have to look at the games we also have the Tigers play the basement remodeling milwaukee.

Royals they want him to 3 which is a good see who play good Mitch Keller I think his name is for the Royals played pretty bad add bread color sudden definitely don’t know who that is Detroit has had a whole mess of pictures through the head the nine pictures pictures today for the Kansas City 2 set the urban Santana still pitching is kind of crazy to be commission since 2005 and a merge collector Muse on the Angels he’s ever been a high strikeout guy but just his whole career that a solid picture I’m struggling 2018 and 2019 but took last year off and now this year he’s actually on back to being pretty good I’m in his career he was a real player of the week Joseph W Haynes picture of the award is a two-time All-Star cut you out. Definitely a good player throws create control basement remodeling Milwaukee. We know that they called so it is kind of interesting that that did happen i really wonder why they would call but they were incredibly rude and annoying so there is that but oh well it happens and life moves fast wow what a segway. You can reach out to our team today by  dialing our contact number or by visiting our website and filling out our form. We encourage all potential clients to read our reviews and see why our previous clients loved working with our team so much!