Okay so this is a another Wait to see what else I got going on let’s go I just won two games make it all right so if I say that I’m 18 and 9 online on the way to the movies if I worked if I go to Rotten Tomatoes I did typing Guardians the Galaxy I just got to re login I can use my I don’t really know what difference it will make but quiet place part II will be first film.  basement remodeling Milwaukee have you first feel next make some real money clear that see what they said see if they have some cute antlers on the screen right now I don’t know what that is but we also have like okay I don’t know what’s going on here the internet just decided to stop working on me to read my first see you this summer movies as they are Hunger Games as one of them Tulsa Raiders of the Lost Ark on this movie that I.

If I can across 100 print them a hundred percent are people really like that and I just it was pretty funny but it wasn’t like crazy for me to all Transformers I don’t even know if you will rank those movies I know I like the first one a lot basement remodeling milwaukee but Dark of the Moon was not that great we keep looking witches look up Transformers in the sea see where where everything is when it comes to the movie and a 2007 movie I really like I think I want is very good audience is given 85 I probably think it’s somewhere in there it’s horrible Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End is not that great however I do think the best one is the second one.  if you look at I don’t even return to the movie that all is with them I did not know the Batman played Lex Luthor interesting interesting that he played someone that bad but I want to see the photos I mean the suit looks really outdated it’s pretty corny I just don’t think I’m into that this much if you look I don’t even know who is Lois Lane but which liquor is dressed like somebody that doesn’t make.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee we also have what see he’s just not what’s going on when it comes to the pictures I don’t really like the movie that much Kate Bosworth and I’ve really heard of her James Morrison is actually Stephen a bad actor let’s see where he’s at to know that there’s Sonic Sonic it does not deserve it 93 go to probably deserves something more so like a wait what is it called twice all the second one that’s going to ridiculous that he had all those guys Sonic the Hedgehog.  we will see that they ring can be in 93 audiences did on our way to get that good but I I think it’s tough in like a 70 basement remodeling milwaukee something I 3 watch it in the right that way that way it’s hard for me to remember him really hard for me to remember below and I know I really do like that movie I don’t think it’s as good as inside open stuff in word like nineties if we look at the.

Sorry make a phone that is loud in my ear Frozen 2 we got a 92% on a audiences and a 78 out of critics copy look at Coco there’s 97 + 94 I mean who’s my eyes are always doing pretty well I don’t know what the willoughbys are think that’s like a but there is a movie with Miles Davis.  pressure Miles Davis to put the trumpet basement remodeling Milwaukee we also have we called and there’s nothing wrong Missy the movie that hurt is just absolutely horrible Lauren Lapkus all day and that movie just not my style depends what you have there is the movie called a half of it doesn’t 97 insert for freshman because so many movies on here The Weeknd earnings and see who are in the most this weekend and they definitely don’t have that on there Peter top TV shows and see where we’re at I could do like Floki season 1 but I don’t can you just Review 1 episode how many people how much are left to do to make it like who is glorious purpose this is only for critics I guess can only do that one the season 1 looks like I won’t be able to read it until after I’m love you were giving it really high score is low July 14th will be the last day of the airs a month from now in exactly.

From the basement okay because I don’t want to say any of that basement remodeling Milwaukee area we also have see what else we have for TV I would like to see see what the bad batch is a show that just keeps like right where it should be a person really good a bad review we said is do and I’ll go blind start I don’t see that but I guess I could be wrong if you look to see so far the only 10 episodes I don’t know where I heard that they’re 16 but I definitely see line here beautiful hair look at TV shows on top TV shows see where at there are things like all I care about TV comedies there’s some basement remodeling milwaukee pretty good reviews spray for assertive wandavision season 1 I can give a review on butt you know I do really think it’s good is considered to have a lackluster ending but there’s that so see much else I can say it seems like I would say heroes are here this is so boring but whatever degree most of the series with the end was like. If you would like to get started give us a call today! We always make sure we are up to date on all designs and trends. Give us a call with any questions today!