Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Changing Lives

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Oh my oh my goodness! What is going on children do you hear me can you see me am I the only one who can see the dirt the dust the clothes the toys the empty pet dishes am I the only one who can smell hamster jesus help this home what would you call do if I wasn’t here can you imagine life without me you all need jesus a whole lot of jesus and he may not be able to help because you would have to call on him and I know how lazy you are get up lets move lets get this house clean its almost Sunday when everyone can be lazy yes including me then I remembered be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind lets restart good morning family today is a new day its Saturday lets get gabs ready for class no mommy no I sleep now gabby lets roll I know its hard but you can do flips in one hour and you can have a snack a granola filled with protein on your way there with candy inside okay yes mama candy snack perfect jovan lets roll out of the bed but don’t fall use the latter erik im not going to start I just want to inform you the time is 8am and the kids are getting ready and gymnastics is today have you heard from top basement remodeling Milwaukee have they contacted us in return I want them to begin a transformation as we grow I want our home to grow do you think they will understand how can we transform this home I know lets remodel with top basement remodeling Milwaukee im exhausted but I can always dream lets begin with jovans room he could use new carpet and trim our room needs the same oh and closet doors the bathroom holy don’t get me started top basement remodeling Milwaukee would have to transform the whole room well okay lets say new tile and stain vanity I love that mirror it cannot be replaced and it was just painted to yea lets just upgrade shower and stain the cabinets maybe have a new vanity top oh what a beautiful transformation it will be what can we do next gabs room I think just trim and new closet doors but I feel like its not enough top basement remodeling Milwaukee can decide for us lets move on to the kitchen I think we discussed this yesterday stain is huge adda one cabinet and a dishwasher yup moving to the next room the living room why did I get an entertainment center that covers our wall in oh yes that’s right storage we always need storage I guess in this room we can use new window treatments im not one to be choosey maybe the restore has some you think I don’t really know I bet basement remodeling milwaukee will know and trim I would love new trim and doors in every space that has it but then it’s a huge cost so that’s the least of my worries but it would make the whole transformation as our home changes I feel our minds change and our bodies change and our souls deep within us the change is all around us I love how it flows I love how growth comes in all ways you know its transforming and I love that our transformations begin with us our dreams our goals our children our careers our loves and Christ I never imagined my home to have so much meaning as it does now you know I always though it would be a cozy space for my family to feel comfortable in then I remembered growing up people defined it as a place of acceptance and security a place where love flowed from a place where you were never turned away a place where hearts hung a place where home sweet home was sighed frequently home is where you can be refreshed cleansed and then renewed home is where you can serve others home is where you can pray home is where you love and home is where your passions start home is where dreams begin home is priority home is now where basement remodeling milwaukee will be they great creative craftsmanship that flows from each employee and great critical thinking skills of what to do outside of the box not everything comes uniformed not everything has the same solution or same answer or produces the same product difference is very important and I know top basement remodeling Milwaukee has difference you know what else they have they have unity a sense of belonging and to be valued that’s important and has been lost through the industry of service I am happy top basement remodeling Milwaukee has a sense you know what else they have sense of a sense of humor sitting back and having a laugh once in a while is great I enjoy it so much sip coffee laugh and work I never though those three could ever in my life go together but when you have hope and faith then you believe and there is transformation and it comes hard and you hit a nasty wall and its like really I have been in the same spot for how many years lets just take back what the devil thought he stole from me im so refreshed and it started in my prayer closet in my room once I shut the door on what tried to keep me im so happy basement remodeling Milwaukee found me the joys of having transformation in a career oh dearest aren’t you happy with all these beautiful transformations I mean look at it how do people not have faith how can they not experience or see or feel what is near to them why can they understand that we are normal people not a crazy radical who is literal burning ships on the lakes I mean really could you imagine if we all just rallied against random ships and started throwing flares maybe it’s the music we choose to worship to maybe they think our imaginations are off whack and need to reverse to k4 either way I am happy I am happy with who I have thus far transformed to I am happy with my home transformations and I am happy with my families transformations growth is great