Here we are on we just have a new title now anyways I will just text them might as well just look at the things I have to buy look at my daily sales track it is see print out the checklist which I can do what I got to put it on paper.  basement remodeling Milwaukee on the next going to be tally each of these metrics as the day goes on they want me to do it as the day goes I just don’t want to 3 which is fine we don’t have any leads today which is kind of sad in bone beads I need to track a lead that came out a phone call so when I do that they are like to see inbound calls or not cell delete it so every time somebody calls and literally for anything else that’s what.  there’s a there’s also there’s also numbered there’s also know where to today.

Like, leads so if that’s if that’s actually if that’s actually what if that’s actually hopefully we see this is 3 see actually so we are at record numbered and bold eat I scheduled so you know sometimes will give a little talk to him but we don’t schedule it so there’s that All We the Kings website we need to call him 6 times per day schedule in the number of outbound leads that came in was just beyond the emails we get into the email the number of tiles that I make the tempting to schedule it would be a exciting thing going on here stack paper I’m definitely put that on its own separate folder.  we could definitely go to phone dial see made it something scheduled that’s how many times you actually didn’t call help on these contact it seems like with a new phone calls it’s the same thing we track and then there’s also a of these leads that we actually schedule self.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee I would be a lead from the previous day’s so it’s like if I got to leave yesterday thing at all bold that’s what that counts word today still going to call them 6 times a day you don’t need to text him once per day I’ll still want to do that and send that the email we’re not trying to email them once a day if you do have an email for the lead I didn’t really make any sense but oh well basement remodeling Milwaukee.  I just keep saying they’re going somewhere I’ll definitely get to them on 30 and under that there’s a record total number of leads so I think that’s for everything I definitely did not do that right yesterday, tiles that makes everybody so Sagat 111 that would be 3 total for the day sandwich called 8 times I could do that did you not want cells that are not cells related that’s pretty obvious record total number of contact while Beats dial Scott appointments is a different one too but we track the number calls with Google we also tracked the end of.  which Home Remodeling.

Cam or something like that I don’t really know how long has also megazine number all I did not know we were in add in the make it to me and I don’t think we do it.  out of have to I’ll just leave that I’m the it’s the sign I’m just Word of Mouth which we get quite a bit of people say like oh I heard you as a recommendation or something like that and that’s usually pretty good when they.  that mean he’s working what is happening outside number of previous clients which was in earlier this week we got one and then that estimate hopefully I won’t get signed so there’s that there’s also a third party sites of third-party site out consider would be like the next door app or something I’m supposed to send this photo to group message with the college also. If we look at the notes I took place there yesterday with see I have the three T’s of whatever on that management which is why somebody is not doing as good as I should be..  And that is because of your training issue number one number two to they need to transfer do they need to go to a different spot and there are three do we need to terminate them so those would be three things that you should follow as a manager if you want because like low performers can frustrate not always but they definitely can frustrate I’m start basement remodeling milwaukee voice for example if they know it’s me to get paid the same as them but they always want to Bladen things like that than ever..

Basement remodeling Milwaukee on this also will perform yeah like I said it’s time for these things that they do their respect the business that’s number one that’s a good thing our employee to do I’m the over-deliver so they do what’s expected them them at a very good job and sometimes more are they commit their job whether or not they commit to it that makes sense for you. I’m in  and I only the have have to use have stop important it’s pretty it’s pretty 4 everyday you’re going to be evaluated and you’re going to be judged on what works for this company which is usually their core values which I did not know while I don’t really know what that my head what our core values I figured out basement remodeling Milwaukee. I do not know why i keep on coming up short but if i keep doing it i will be so sore that’s exactly how i feel right now is extremely sore, i will definitely need a red bull or something with a lot of energy in it for later if you know what i mean. Wow we were only one away which is pretty impressive. Call us today!