Right now might be a little bit of a girl because I only have two articles left to get done today and I really want to get them done hopefully within that maybe the next 15 minutes I would be ideal a vehicle and I. I really want to be able to be done by 2 with that because I have 2 hours to accomplish other things that I need to get done. I mean really look at it I’ve already gotten about from almost to Cheyenne 100 words typed in a meeting less than 30 seconds. I have been no talk really fast so I’m not too concerned about my abilities to do today to me whether or not I can stay on task long enough to get them done.

I really hoping to get 6 on every day this week and then just because I know next week I’ll be taking Friday off. And so my PO by 25 next week but otherwise I’m really just shoot for a bit I mean it’s really go to overachiever for that and I think it’s really nice I like it like that. So yeah basement remodeling Milwaukee all right. Taking my time saying that as well I’m just go back in the Georgian all the end. Just because it does take a little longer cuz I need to say it a lot slower just so that the computer can process it a little bit better and not type something else because of it must have size basement remodeling Milwaukee that doesn’t count enough to go back in and fix it anyway so I might just take my time doing that. We have my article title is living close to home. I mean definitely it’s nice to be close to home. But at the same time they’re also their cons. So I graduate high school action which college my freshman year all the way to Duluth which was about 5 hours away from my hometown. I decided I’m going there the main reason I didn’t want to be that close to him I want to kind of go a little further away the premier wings and see what it was like out away from Madison Wisconsin. And I soon realized that I don’t lie like that. I actually am I on the last year I really like that’s the school and everything like two people but I just realize I do want to be closer to home.

I found myself going home almost every other weekend and I just kind of like really want to be closer to friends and family for home basement remodeling Milwaukee. I thought going to Blue with Ivory closer to my mom’s side of the family was supposed to Northern Wisconsin so I thought I would be able to see down a little bit more than I didn’t actually get to see them all that often so I decided to move back home and a spring of 2018. I will back in with my parents and I am I got a job I would respond receptionist. And then I am going to school for only one semester but at Madison Area Technical College in Madison. And I was just out there to finish off a lot of my generals and kind of get a better idea what I wanted to go to school for kids original plan was to go there for a full year but I had to table only going there first semester.

It’s one after that and of transferring to Milwaukee. And Milwaukee is only about an hour and a half away from my home. Just died. And I think that’s a really good distance for me. Just because I do look close enough that I can go home for the day or for the night or just dinner. And I also the far enough away where I could also be there case hurry I might not going to come home tonight because I just a little bit of a longer drive that I would like to make. I mean you do look at it about round trip is about 3 hours basement remodeling Milwaukee. But at the same time 3 hours and that long and it’s just a thing. I do tend to go home on the weekend just for maybe a day or a few hours just going to see my parents and my dog run around. Nice living that kind of close to home. I find that it’s really nice if I need something they give I need to build or whatever or help with something it’s really nice I’m not super far away.

I can just kind of go home we can put the help I needed and go back to my house. Or my apartment. Where is it my brother he just move down to Arizona so realistically if something were to happen and he would need some help it’s a little bit harder for us to go out there help him basement remodeling Milwaukee. But we need to fly all the way out there and a lot of the times depending on what he needs help with we won’t have the stuff with you when we get there so we have to buy a new stove or who knows. So I really do like when I’m close to home. I think that’s something that I’m always going to want to have growing up. On I know me said he would like to move away from out of Wisconsin maybe for a couple of years I just don’t think that’s something that I see in my future basement remodeling Milwaukee. I really like being close to my family especially my family Northern Wisconsin. So it’s really hard for me to come into moving away further knowing that I’ll be further away from them. They are already about almost a 5 hour drive away so we’re going any further than that is really hard for me to kind of games. Give us a call today.