He was on Dancing With the Stars this last season he finished in like the top three I think.  In.  all your buddies by the way the Electric electrical place basement remodeling Milwaukee. Hello good morning happy I believe it is Monday. Plenty of money yeah you know I asked. asked Ali  is I can pass it got to with.  cuz she spit she sounds older like she can’t go up and down the stairs anymore cuz she said she watches her grandson during the week so she’s home all day what what’s 616 oh yeah that one was think I don’t came in after you left them Friday.  he’s working with keep on investment property and he wants to flip it and I don’t know.  voice of the lady today I asked her what her budget wasn’t sure cuz I have plenty of money I just don’t know how much it’s going to cost and I was like I was like so I’m assuming you’re not going to give me a budget then.  oh I confirm I confirmed basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Everybody I put them on hold and I asked. I think it’s close to Riverwest area again isn’t it I don’t know she going to go see what again today anyways oh that’s right.  where is it again I don’t member oh yeah it’s kind of 16 your Tulsa isn’t it yeah I’d like by like for the Bellaire and everything is you and I asked this guy with his budget was and he’s like well I got a loan for like the whole house is like a hole and he’s like I’ve already given like somebody of that like to whoever’s doing the exterior work.  so he was like whatever I have left is what I have for the interior is like all like what is that and he’s like depends on what the estimate is and I’m like fight somebody to the song One of These Days.  no the investment guy I don’t know I may have misspelled his name several times yes that’s right yeah cuz he said I asked him how he heard about us instead of Ryan Dietrich referred me on Facebook back on our Facebook page or something I don’t know like a contractor group like chat or something or page so I never I never I don’t recognize that name Lisa Ryan Dietrich referred me I mean so I’m not sure if I keep posted in there.  and and I I don’t know his address before another call Ryan he’s an employee here than I thought it would look really bad if I was like hey Roxy and I can do your project and the one employee of ½.

well no yeah I agree but he didn’t say it like that he made it sound like when did he say he didn’t he just said that I Ryan Dietrich referred me .Tell Oh you commented on it right now that’s word for word. Probably like to put their? basement remodeling Milwaukee I don’t do this right now but I would like to this other guy predict.  so as of today or did 2 weeks come in. Don’t watch it like three of them came in over the weekend I just came off your McCall this morning. And the first one to the interested on the right and he was kind of relegate by before heading to work and what not. So I’m sure she was visiting and I talked to time but I left a voicemail hopefully she’ll get back to us basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I mean look like a project I’ll have to say I can’t wait tell you where it is because I look I look up lottery numbers are not a search engine are located. But on this was a big one didn’t pop up so I can’t really tell where it’s located over bigger project or whatever. yes a lot of times of a couple days because then I’m able to see if Tiffany reinvest that area but I had to turn away by 4 Brothers Barber low or what not. So I was the person that came in this morning that I give a call to my left her a voicemail table with get back to stay. Cuz I’m the second owner called she answered right away. I’m conveniently That was supposed to the car wash so it’s really hard to understand her and was really hard for him sure to hear me. But I’ll give it to kind of get out the information I needed and she lives in Menomonee Falls and she has two causes that she wants to convert into a main floor laundry room. Sounds like she’s an older person so I’m sure going up and down the stairs to do laundry is it convenient for her and having something that acceptable be super easy and I swear to have. basement remodeling Milwaukee It’s just it sucks but it’s such a small budget inn that I mean you really want to do that bigger projects that she will see she wouldn’t give me budget she said that she would have enough money to cover whatever that means.

The last one that we got in today voice search and actually it look like he was in a not-so-good neighborhood you’re so kind of hesitant to give him a call but I mean you never know maybe was preferable or or what not a reviews by the second home you never know. I’m glad to give him a call back because he’s actually buying house closing at it today and he’s going to Shorewood basement remodeling Milwaukee. I will be on a street that is super nice to look at. They building off of North Lake Shore Drive so I think as long as a weekend if he’s got a good budget and won’t have to be really cool to be able to do some work out there because I feel like there’s a lot of houses out there that are always looking for remodeling..