¬†everyone know very much am as light testing hello everyone I hope everyone is having a great and fantastic day today I ate you know I am here at basement remodeling Milwaukee It’s only going to get better you know he and then we have the weekend off so you know hopefully it stays pretty nice and pretty SSI with the sun setting out they and us and to be outside throughout the weekend you know those were the best weekends or you are not just stuck inside and due to the fact that is cold snowy who likes to snow in the you know it’s March should be done already and it should just be nice outside I was just hoping to be in soon which would be very nice to see the flowers you partying allowed to part would be terrible.

Is he a basement remodeling Milwaukee we have really bad allergies and that’s a everyone knows everyone in this time of year but you don’t hear it be ready to cesky locations today and there’s a lot that goes into this why we talked about this topic. first thing is this topic means a lot of different things for small location of projects I only hear a basement in Milwaukee do have a radius that we work with as well as a scientist but aspects of projects you know if you feel that the project is not big enough that is not good for us because it means people get angry and complain to us that we don’t do the job.

The jobs are not our specialty just to do handyman stuff we already fooled Remodeling Company where we do complete basements complete bathrooms kitchen to her house remodels. Just small things and this relocation comes at you know if we feel like that’s a long drive for project. for example if we have a project that we are going to be going to look at and Grafton and all they want is Carpeting and a couple walls well we won’t make money and if we’re not making money there’s no point of doing that job and thought that we don’t want to but it’s a very simple task that can be done to something that we’re somewhere else that’s a far drive for us to craft it and it’s not an easy Drive either you know this along Route for us to go and it takes a couple of loti this is our birthday just driving around back and forth between job sites. hey oh basement remodeling Milwaukee we are very very being efficient and effective with our days and making sure that we are making the most of each day and get as much time as possible throughout those days because it’s very important for us to get get jobs done on time for our clients that way they’re happy as well as we’re happy because the more getting paid and you know here basement remodeling Milwaukee is not they were all about the money but but I can get paid when he don’t have a job. Once again here basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of different things going for it we don’t want people to be angry with us you know it’s a fun dealing with you guys I’m not saying it’s takes it personally raising but we do have things that we have to apply by we certainly hope everyone understands we have to make money here and everybody industry and we can’t do that one we are going to ours beyond our means where we can’t .

Basement remodeling Milwaukee There’s a lot to go sign you do here today we had a very sad that you know we were out with her without the owners for the day they are taking care of the kid what’s the office today with the office manager of myself and how I thought for the most part one of the things happens for a quick weave a lot of big projects coming aboard and we’re very happy with What’s the many projects that you have come in our laps and we’re just hoping that we get a chance to work on very soon because he’ll be very happy to see him all But you know we would always love more clients and you know if you ever want to hack it in her basement remodel always give it basement remodeling Milwaukee Back to Basics bill there’s a call to be glad to help you with your project you know from the small projects that are in our area to with the bigger projects and we hope this the bigger objects we do love to Big projects because he sometimes you have this huge opencanvas he’s want to see what you could do with it and that’s what it’s like you know having this big open campus and you just paint a picture of it of what he could be you know if you are a hazard class before you get to see that person over Caymus and you paint whatever you want that picture to be a thing of amazing.

You have if you huge movie room movie theater room where you can Check us out on the website to see all the galleries that we’ve got it and hoping canvases that we started with and see what we’ve done with them you know there’s that many projects coming to get before pictures they were able to create a huge canvas of a beautiful basement or kitchen or bathroom whatever the project was So once again just check us out at basement remodeling Milwaukee Back to Basics builders and let us help you with your next big project because you know what year we like to do all the projects with potential clients as possible want to see everyone get a remodeling project on for themselves and let us help you with them by giving us a chance give you a free xbl to insult many different options you have.