I feel like I’ve achieved happiness but I don’t know if I have true happiness.  I don’t have anymore I don’t have any of this so we’ll never achieve true happiness yeah but Archer master.  now I’m trying to think I was pretty happy in Germany I was very happy to come back home to though.  what else Marvel makes you pretty happy man.  when I when I found out I was going to get a dog I Cry basement remodeling Milwaukee.  my grandpa told me that he found a dog for me and then he never followed up on it and I was like so excited and then he’s like yeah you probably aren’t going to get the dog and I’m like and then I got a call a couple days later and he was like yeah actually you could do get to talk I was like.

Make a family for something Marvin Marvin he has no choice he was crying yesterday when I left him at the.  and he woke Mason up at 5 a.m. today and I was like huh get a hold of that. I wanted to add that onto 3 cheat. so yeah I just got a girlfriend already. This was not one of the ones that we got an inquiry from over the weekend this was owning bouncy. Aunt Cheryl answer the phone when she is start talking right away so that was kind of difficult to like understand her. But I got a lot of really good information from her. And she was referred to as by previous Clans. We did this people that prefer to read their basement. So what you said that I assume you told me she was looking for basement 2 but she actually looking at have a half bath basement remodeling Milwaukee. Org she said that she had somebody come in a couple years ago to give him an estimate on how much I have that would be but they told her that if they said it would be possible in the space that they want to put one in. I guess like it was just a really tight space how much of it was like somebody structurally like making it not obtainable or what reasons a war or was that they couldn’t do it. But they said that now they have a new plan of where they want to put this half bath so they’re hoping that maybe this is more realistic.

Then they actually have their wonderful bathroom their house they remodeled it a few years ago and they said that they completely got it redid it and they hired me to do all of it because they just needed it then you didn’t tell me fast. So I also assumed that they probably have an idea on how much these things cost but their budget was only about 10 to 15000 which I guess might not be bad to have bad basement remodeling Milwaukee. It’s kind of pens again. But then they also brought up that they might just want somebody to all the demolition look like framing The Logical the Plumbing Leak all that stuff in and they want to finish it themselves maybe possibly. Because I guess her she said her husband is fairly handy but I don’t think that is a logical plan to take. So not really sure what they scheduled last night for a couple weeks out because they are actually out of town all next week so they can’t really do that. But yeah I wonder if that’s how it will go. I also have our current client of ours give us a call because she wanted to know what time will you be there to start your project this coming week.

I think that she was I think she called me prior to that phone call and she’s just super awkward and weird but then she called back and she kind of had her or sentences together. But yeah so we’re going to give her a call either later today or tomorrow morning basement remodeling Milwaukee transit like if I got to go title says there’s different locations to avoid looking for a house or somewhere to Bill. I mean obviously there’s always any bad neighborhoods of places that aren’t as great but like it’s really hard for your out these neighborhoods and held a narrow them down basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’m definitely like one of the biggest end of struggle with that this job is just knowing which areas are decent what areas to avoid. Would like it’s as simple as just a street away that sometimes things just get worse but see what what’s on Friday yeah I talked go investment I didn’t see that and then I saw it and then we talked about it and that. that’s you. the the basements pretty smaller though so maybe yeah cuz he’s there. Look at my leave early to go to a 2 no leave early to go to the estimate their home all day.. I’m going to take this because so they close on the house today. they on Friday. those sweatpants day for me so I don’t know what the hell they and are moving in Friday so they’re home all day Friday clear just like bringing boxes and stuff in.  I’m packing but my schedule last night Thursday today you could have worn swept all wait wait yeah all is ask me later I’ll make sure from now on to make sure that you get what 1 sweat-pant day a week call Market off on the calendar today is Ryan sweat-pant Day Friday is okay okay what is Friday when the work is Friday was only did what day that works at the. anyone has to get that approved by Joe and Sarah your 1 sweat-pant day a week. do you have to buy more sweatpants on I meant Bob I have all my first pair like sweatpants until might be Thomasina have fun basement remodeling Milwaukee.