Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | What Would You Give Up?

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Hello hello hello today is Friday it’s a great thing I love Fridays Thank God It’s Friday we have a three-day weekend coming up and I feel like today is Saturday I don’t know why it’s probably because I’m full of energy balled up inside of me waiting to just get out the door and get great things done not that great things are not happening here but at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that we’re striving to do our best and worst driving to meet our goals every day at Back to Basics Builders we are here to tell you about some fun storage ideas this is my whole project this weekend is to make room for my kids to play and some room for my husband to work because I feel like my shower is falling apart at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have been the product of a covid-19 Domestic and it’s up to us to produce that product so with that being said what are you doing this weekend that is going to make you kick off this summer on the right foot at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling in Milwaukee and my family and I are going to do some cleaning and organizing and creating new space for all of us and it’s going to be really exciting I am so pumped and ready for this at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that demolitions can be costly they can cost up to about $3,500 at Back to Basics Builders if you have some concerns about removing some of your walls we get it but if you’re taking off a few layers take them off get excited about it clean up that business he got there at Back to Basics Builders we’re loving this we’re loving that we get to move forward or 11 that we get to have fun this weekend and one of the things that I wanted to talk about today was a loft bed one of the greatest things we ever put in my little guy’s room he is really excited about it he matured enough for this bed here in this bed and it has helped us as a family I’m grow and this bed is high up has a ladder it’s metal and the colors are gray and black but it’s clean it’s comfortable and it’s age appropriate while he has his loft bed we’re able to fit a desk and dresser and nightstand in his room along with a nice little book shelves and some Toy Bins which I can’t stand sometimes cuz they’re so disorganized but the purpose of it was for it to have organization and a let me tell you it was the best idea we ever had for him it makes his room functional he gets excited about going to bed and a hybrid he loves it he’s isolated in a way and that brings him Comfort at Back to Basics Builders we encourage you to view Furniture as purposeful inconvenience and functional as possible while you’re going through your remodeling project you don’t want to sell your house with nonsense I love decorative pillows but I also love that my kids can take them off the couch and lay on the floor to bedtime stories because that is their purpose growing up as a kid I didn’t have that we had decorative pillows but we could not touch them we actually had to take them off and move them to the side when we had company shut down on our couches because our decorative pillows were different from the cushions and at Back to Basics Builders his is a new generation this is a new era this is a new time for us to come together and to build Beauty and our family and functionality that’s my new word of the day is functionality does it will help us if it doesn’t help you and needs to keep out of your life at Back to Basics Builders we are Beyond excited we are very happy we are very gun how about kicking off this summer and maybe you are not but we are and when we get excited about families coming together and family celebrating we are really really excited and we love remodeling when we’re excited because nothing is better than having a business full of energy and when you have a business full of energy it trickles down to the other people then let me tell you that you might not want us in your house all full of tons of energy but we will bring an energy into your home and it’s going to be greatness we love what we do and we do it well at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that we serve you at 100% free consultation where have a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business we also provide you with continued Communication in multiple ways so that there’s no confusion there’s less obstacles this is going to be as smooth as possible given the tools that we have at Back to Basics Builders you can check us out at Back to Basics you can give us a ring a ding ding at 414-460-0075 we would love to move forward with your remodeling project today so please give us a call today we love to support our families we love that we’re having a 3-day weekend so that we can come back on Tuesday pumpkin ready to go with a fun-filled calendar full of different estimates and different families that we get to meet we get to discuss all the fun stuff from painted cabinets to Hardware it’s going to be a great great week for us coming up here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee so don’t feel left out give us a call and get your free estimate today.