Right there we go all this is going right now and I put this away they just put in this weird-looking folder I don’t really understand it either in their 4 going open up the cabinet here basement remodeling Milwaukee. my back hurts I’m not going to lie right now have a history of back spasms yeah back start freaking out no I just used to having it’s just like feels like cramp either that and I’ll just like lock up all the way and then it just starts getting kind of weird I don’t stretch yeah but it locks up in a little like like pressure release and some spot of the back and then that other isn’t it just like or I’ll get like every once in awhile I should do it more I do like those things though or I’ll get like or I get to get nerve pain that goes up my neck because of it I only do it for like like every every couple days I’ll go 45 minutes your stretch for baseball I’ve never.

Normal if you guys just never needed to yeah that stuff don’t want think of something else would you pull your hamstring required hit the quad.  right right you just kind of ignore all numbered on that for her thoughts that do not like so what is it doing it looks like draw all the blood in one area increase of the blood flow though 4 that’s awesome I always see like you always see like NBA players will have like the circles on their back Like ridiculously happy.  yeah the worst must have ever pulled my groin I don’t like that that hurts I’m stuff you may realize it until something cold how often do you use it Basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’m taking the survey right now from the Pfizer Forum on Saturday let’s see non-game entertainment nothing either satisfied or dissatisfied extremely satisfied with purchasing food and beverage cuz I don’t have to pay for anything. Sitting in your assigned seat so extreme size 5 I do think the arena after the game I was I don’t know there’s really not much you can do it sounds like neither I saved and I feel entering the arena let’s say streamly navigating Arena Wednesday moderately or not extremely safe gauging and none interconnectivity site approaching for the beverage about sitting in your side seat moderately safe at 1 how much did the each of the following impact your experience. Requiring all Aquino fans were enjoyed that unless remind with less Staffing personal made no difference covid testing how satisfied were you with the adherence to each of the following at the game I was that’s fine because they do make me wear masks so that’s good.

I’m supposed to just saying that’s cells moderately says fighting off extremely Staffing yeah they were all really good covid-19 Middletown RI go away mail income range Pfizer Forum figure it out. Basement remodeling Milwaukee how long surveys add more exit survey thank you now where’s my free tickets. We go through here if we look at the baseball games for last night let’s go to last night and see what the Rays beat the Blue Jays in 11 Innings they want 14 to 8 so the wheels fell off and extra innings for the Blue Jays, see the picture that I can blame for it if we look see oh yeah numbered early pictures played well in the extra innings I guess that’s a shame Vladimir Guerrero Jr had a good game if we go to the Marlins they beat the Phillies again Zac Efron got a loss we look at players that played well aged McCutchen had a hit he had a double Jean Segura went to 4 five nights at 3:31 if we look at the look at the Marlins Trevor Rogers pitch good again he had five innings five strikeouts and one earned run with pitch count was a little high think if we look at Zach eflin see the quality start if we keep looking then we go back we go to the Cleveland versus Detroit Cleveland barely beat them I don’t know what the record is though next we would definitely should have one I don’t know how they’re still good basement remodeling Milwaukee. If we keep looking Turnbull pitch pretty well for the Tigers nobody else for the play that Kodak ill Badu walked in his only play variants all Miguel Cabrera Layla even playing pretty good amount of his dad’s because if you look at baseball reference, I look his last shoot his last few games have been delete last yesterday was the 24th okay sweet hit nice little 5 game hitting streak Safari on the last 14 games has been the header that everybody is remembers.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee first 17 games 8.098 and how is it at 3:27 so here we go coronavirus and it’s good to see nobody likes to see you guys at that point there Cruise struggle so bad but if we keep going all out it said coronavirus yeah I’m taking that out because that was something Add something  perfectly fine yeah that’s.  yes he was just from what say I don’t know to suspend Corey headers whole career you’ve literally since 2004 through that’s a 2016 he’s probably the best hitter in the league I really don’t know anybody that was better than him I will look up Miguel Cabrera Diamond Dynasty don’t really show it huh ozone I look up shows on and then I look up Miguel Cabrera up basement remodeling Milwaukee I will see the different cards that he has David Ortiz card is pi the best one now yeah that card I’m pretty sure he’ll run against me let’s look it up Miguel Cabrera king of silver the regular cards away is this year add want that. yeah this card is his Triple Crown card and Yadkin hit or how much it’s going for cool 50 mm that’ll never forward. Give us a call 414-460-0075