Essentially know what I’m going to do is I’m going to go through the kind of went through the bigger ones I wanna go up there the NFL scores of the weekend end just going to see what happened I mean I like to look at the basement remodeling Milwaukee East Anson to see who’s playing well see what happen. go to preseason out 21st would have been like that yes or this week like a if we start with Patriots verse the Eagles and see Mac Jones 1 13 for 90 in 46 yards.  if you look at the game Cam Newton outside basement remodeling Milwaukee really good game with 103 yards 849 Nonesuch phone add a good day when it comes to the remix I feel like there’s also Jacoby Meyers had a good game go to 30 Pharmacy on the inside like a similar players Harvey langi forgot played for the Jets the Eagles had a pretty poor showing offensively Nick Mullens and Joe Flacco bold combined be a pretty poorly doesn’t lie help that much going forward.

Cut hole for one in your pre-season your you know what you of your quarterback has played so poorly can’t get much going on And if you look know what you can see the.  you can see you can see the I off of my as much as I sand goes versus a Crystal sand goes versus a Christian 1 bring me to 18417 70 yards so there’s really much going on in that game on The Weeknd release core much movie Stand Out too much it looks like if you look at the stats I basement remodeling Milwaukee really want me and Darius Phillips had a good kick return so maybe that’s the biggest thing they could take away from Washington as they probably filed found their kick return guy Ingalls Arena Washington Dulles show me the Washington Taylor heinicke is really freaking as well as.  nothing much going on there 21 Gibson at a pretty standard as well as Jerry Patterson happy number one and two on the ear if you look at something else and the other receivers Logan down with a big catch I think he is like there title under 18 if I’m not mistaken he played quarterback in college I thought but I’m probably wrong I mean okay nevermind I’m right about that 11 times to do it if their defense nobody really stood out nobody end of tremendous game for basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Jared Patterson and DeAndre Carter both have good returns and the other Carter a pretty solid as well if you look at if we look at preseason the Chiefs versus Cardinals you can see.  I’m patch you don’t seem you don’t seem to it’s really not much out there without their backup quarterback Shane I don’t know how to say his last name new Shelly you at 9 for 11 with 115 yards which.  which is the worst game to touch that a pack but Chad has a backup so the receiver is Byron Pringle heading and salad as well let me call Larkin Jerkins you can be by the gets one touches defense one Thornhill he don’t know they’re starting safeties out of Kik Darwin Thompson add a good looks like he had a very good.  Terry Shepherd on Friday played for the Packers had a good Punk return foot then again if you look at the Cardinals the Colt McCoy’s, Play Never and I’m going back up Chris streveler I really don’t basement remodeling Milwaukee know what’s going.  however if we look just had a good running user picks others that how much we look at the Bills vs the Bears game we could see that.

YouTube Mitch trubisky throw for 221 yards and a touchdown Joshua didn’t play what you doing man I don’t know what’s going on but Devin Singletary had a good get a good run.  I think Mackenzie also had a good game 7 catches for 72 yards he’s going to be like the guy Jake kumerow contest columns people want to see him too well mabrito pretty big catch cut their Carlsbad from Junior get a sack I was I thought you was the can I break it up girls bathroom I think he’s a must have been a rookie last year or something everything old Marquez basement remodeling Milwaukee Stevenson had a good pun return as well as a Mackenzie so I don’t know if that has something to say about the.  the special in Andy Dalton in 146 yds touchdown pick whatever field really going to like super well See you probably won’t understand the.  I I was you see exciting there there’s something to be really I mean their kick return was just an average so not a good showing by the Bears against the Jets that girls had two touchdowns and I threw two incompletions home I quite don’t know what’s wrong with him Michael Carter a good game running free sure they drafted two guys in basement remodeling Milwaukee Michael Carter which is.

Tevin Coleman Tyler Crawford 2 touchdowns Corey Davis instead of good game remove warts go away to catch CJ Mosley in a few tacos but if we looked at see you at the text for the Jets Lamar Jackson did but not be Lamar Jackson and Brandon.  as well however if we could return to Michael Carter Braxton Berrios punt return flight to yard so I basically just caught the ball got tackled for the Packers cursor thing Hurt play the whole game in 51 yards not much happened after that Dexter Williams whatever he didn’t look that good AJ Dillon look for tr8 kylin Hill is doing its thing like Taylor to go game so. That is a great and weird cultural thing it doesn not make sense and if the person does not understand. I would not understand or i do get the fact that people cannot swim and it is the best one going on.