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Hi its me again so I gave my kitchen some more thought and I came up with some great ideas I am going to create a pin board do you want t o know what is on it thus far I have added some nice tables the lowest price at 300.00 and that’s ok for now then I added paint colors and cabinet types I have yet to add hardware but I am not sure what hardware would be appropriate at this time you know there are so many different style I love that houzz and back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee could help me figure out my ideas Im also deciding if I am going with an area rug for temporary purposes I would eventually love to tile but maybe in a year I can tile it’s a project I wouldn’t want to take on myself its is something that someone needs to do for us I can guarantee in three years my house will be a completed home and may have additional finishing to the basement it would be great if we could get that far in three years. With back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I know we can do it I know we can project small goals that will get us there soon my problem is wanting to do everything all at one time and I need to learn one step at a time and I first need an estimate where can I get a free estimate where it wont cost a thing for someone to look at my cabinets and know that hey we can do this and that and if we don’t have to demo but we need to install here is your estimate I would like to work with honest people who will not take advantage of my situation or my kindness. I love the worn cabinet look and I love the blues and solid wood with white distressed look I love it I am in love with it I cant get away from it then I love the accents of honey wood through out the whole space and a small hutch painted in accent color for a coffee bar I would be so happy at back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee they work with the best kitchen cabinet companies ever they originate from britol Wisconsin and have their items shipped right to your house I love how every thing back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee does is so personal not once do you have to go out and ask strangers what is best for your space that is what back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee does they love their clients and treat them with respect and understand their plans I cannot wait for them to come in and start the estimate process at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they give free estimates and are 15% cheaper than any other company around that makes me happy they have their math done ahead of time they are a prepared team and have you seen the website and online reviews we will be moving forward with our pans the owner drew up two different plans for us and I am so excited to at least have one of the two ready to figure out I know I at least 2500 saved up to do a cabinet remodel it will cost half of that if I continue with diy projects but I am not ready for all of that on my own I want to be prepared and I want fresh new looks modern looks I am happy that back to basics builders starts off free with an estimate it give me hope that we can move forward with our projects I have a basement to finish then we have a kitchen to start god only knows the bathroom should be my practice place but Im not sure how that would work a new vanity tile and well we would have to add to the floor the stuff we wrecked to replace it then we would have to do the trim again since its all molded out by the bath tub at back to basics builders they got this handled they know what they can do what they need to do and how to do it gosh I cannot wait for life to begin and the newness to be warmth on my face its time we start to save up for this project so it can be completed over the summer yay well now that we are officially planning and moving forward we can start to demo and patch things up are you ready for your kitchen remodel are you ready to consider new colors and new materials the new modern mismatch look the wood and the paint mix with accent cabinets I would never know these things if I didn’t keep up with magazines and articles I now read online as part of a regular regiment with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you learn a lot you learn a new language a new family you learn a new lifestyle you learn to work in speed you learn flexibility you learn how to eat and work you learn when you can sit and have two cups of coffee and you know when you can have a cup of coffee and type at the same time it has been change working with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee but I wouldn’t change it for the world I love my job I love what I do I love that I am educated daily and I love that I love that I am not stuck in a chair just doing typing all day and that I can walk to the bathroom and eat and not be judged by the time I clock in and out of my shift if it’s a minute or two behind I wont get scolded in front of people but I will be brought up I will have growth I will manage what I need to with my skill and my talent and gifts I will continue with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and I will be able to teach others I will be able to make sure they understand the processes and the spreadsheets that come with everything I will not manage but I will