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Welcome so it has been a long while since we last discussed anything well today lets discuss color what does color mean to us and why do we choose to use it well first I need coffee and then lets chat we began the day with greatness so lets continue with the greatness it has been one of the busiest Fridays here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and that is fabulous we want business we want input we want people to sign contracts we want to keep forward with all wea re doing we are created to be prosperous and that is great so at back to basics builders we do help you choose the paint and then we have a subcontractor paint because he is great at it and he loves it and people must love what they do and lets be honest I am here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee not for my paint skill but the ability to learn new things every day so lets see what color should we go with today well we can start with discussing the logo my husband chose this last year we were expecting a huge face lift to the business and when we were face lifting we decided we wanted to go with something that meant a lot to us and well we started working with a local who designed our logo and in that logo he used specific colors and for him to personalize our logo it meant the world to us at back to basics builders there is much to note about the logo so lets tear it apart and see what we can pull simply from the colors chosen first there is green and we all know what the color green symbolizes so lets personalize the meaning for me green symbolizes renewed growth and for that to be on a logo it means a lot about a business renewed growth in a business is great there is a verse that I use a lot at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and it says be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind well this logo speaks volumes our staff but renew their minds moment by moment they must consider the outside of the box vs inside the box thinking and we must always consider new clients on a daily new attitude new behaviors new relationships new beginnings and new networks we are all to consider renewal of life and the beginning of happiness not always should business be defined with finances and banking it is a great way to measure the greatness of a business however so is the moral foundation now orange I love orange once I painted my entire bathroom orange it was so fun and great every morning before I would start my coffee I would go into the brightest bathroom I ever owned and I enjoyed the thought of the tropics and the sense of warmth from fall it was one of the most neutral colors that I could describe with a sense of summer and fall in one color I loved it the color blue reminds me of water and we depend on water and sky and when we think of sky and we thing of heaven we thing of how loyal our God is at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee there are staff that believe in a third power and it helps them through their days to provide the best wisdom to be confident and to most importantly be truthful with our customers where we provide the best communication and the best open door policy with our customers now lets move on to red when I see red its usually around valentine’s day and Christmas when all the love and compassion flows and everyone is kind and generous and joyful this is what I love about back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it is when I see the joy the love the passion of not only the owner but also the staff at back to basics builders it flows from the top down it is our joy to remodel homes for families who need that extra space it may not always come with the bells and whistles but it is always built with the families in mind providing them with a joy to make new memories and love to share with one another in a new space and new time it’s amazing it is great is exactly what everyone needs in this life at back to basics builders I am happy that green does not symbolize jealousy and greed but it represent the newness of life because at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are about the growth and newness of business we are about the warmth we share in your homes and we are the stability behind the chaos of the project we love to help new families build new homes for their loved ones we love that new relationships will be built we love the trust that we have to come into a home and to build new space with a new design providing a new environment for the greatness of enjoying a new future in a new time with loved ones friends and family to entertain guests enjoy a new playroom to build a new laundry room a functioning bathroom and add an office space with a library build in shelves and books galore a pace with a passaged door that leads to a beautifully Zen by design peaceful place at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to enjoy your home your space and your family and friends by providing you with loyal trusting relationships to remodel your home and provide you with a second living space it is at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that we enjoy being with one another and provide quality work it is with honor that we specialize in basement remodels it is with confidence that we show you great space recreated for a functioning purpose.