Coronavirus have a great and fantastic afternoon wonderful rainy Friday we are having today and you know we hope everyone has a great and safe weekend cuz you know after all this Memorial Day weekend and you know we want everyone to be seeing safe out there and make it to the regular decision spending time with family and making sure everything goes according to plan so you know I have a great timeĀ  spending the time with their families because we know everything is precious and I’m wanting to the chance this year to make sure that they are spending the time with their families. Voice over here at basement remodeling milwaukee with you which everyone has a safe and fun weekend I know we’re going to discussing so everything is going to be about a business today and how things work and how we work hard to make everything work and go around here you know here at Basement Remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot to goes on throughout the process of from start to finish a project.

Play don’t think I said here at basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot to discuss we have a lot to go over so with start I’ll first off how is he everything starts with the make the phone call the initial phone conversation we had with you and you know we go over the estimate with you to your home will you look over the details of what you want me come back with reposal and you know a lot of families what they don’t know is how much it actually cost all they want to do a huge project for less than $20,000 which is this possible of some houses on the things I’m not saying that we do that here though but you know we have a lot of projects in our lot bigger than that but a lot of people don’t understand that because that goes into these projects and the idea of what needs to be done how much actually caused when your watch on add a bathroom to a basement when you trying to add a wet bar to a basement and in the high-end details that you guys want so what we do is make up multiple projects so we are you housing one project with multiple scenarios.

Auto Options for you you no one will be the one exactly what you want and I’ll show you the price of go over everything make sure everything’s on there and it says you know we go over what to make its job cheaper for you guys if it’s a huge project you know if it’s a $80,000 project will look when I want to surround 65 70000 you can do and you know that way you can see that you don’t need all these high-end thing and if you do this this and that’s that way it doesn’t mean that you are spending way more than what you need for the price can you get exactly what you want just not everything you want and I will give you a little higher and just going to show you what you can also do and you know thinks it might be cool to add ons she wants family basement to a bathroom and you know if you looking for a basement that has an egress window in the bathroom and you looking to have just a regular shower insert and you know options pilot and have this huge nice beautiful bathroom that you would want to show off to people. You know not everyone has that kind of stuff that would be no here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do that for you guys we need make sure we give you come up with some options for you guys and just kind of show you things that we can.

Do you know we have a lot of experience in this field in this industry and with a lot of ideas that we can really enjoyed making your house even more enjoyable when you’re downstairs in the basement spending time with family coming over so you know why you give us a call Basement Remodeling Milwaukee and let’s give you for your sweet let us give you some beautiful options I wouldn’t turn out amazing because you know I work is fantastic see look at her Google reviews we have a lot at the most in the gun industry in the Milwaukee area.

You know the way make sure our clients are happy. You know that’s one of the things we do it make sure that we have a very big line of communication between each and every family and client we have that way there every once in touch and knows exactly what’s going on the process go about doing it. You know how it goes on Beyond could you want to try to make this work for you like I mentioned before beginning work for families are so they have at least something and they can always be added on later on into the project to 1 USD little bit more money than Wine makes me like a child out of a bar that you were trying to create and you know you might not want to agree with that right away but you know you might come down the line you know what we’re going to do the tile backsplash you know so it’s one of those things where we do makeup options and give you ideas that would look fantastic and look amazing with so you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot to go on with our projects in with our company and would like I said we try to make it work for everyone because we want everyone to enjoy the time that I with a family that homes and you know it’s one of the things you’ll be using for the rest of your life for most likely.