So earlier today I actually mow first of all good afternoon and happy Tuesday everybody basement remodeling Milwaukee. I feel like it’s going to be a good end to the rest of the day. I’ve been outside and it’s actually really nice out I’m pretty sunny and warm. It’s been really nice weather it’s been doing really good for my garden so I really happy about that. I was able to check it out this morning we’ve actually got a few jalapenos will be ready to pick Brian the next couple of days. I just picking are banana peppers the other day and there are some new flowers in the plant so hopefully we’ll get some more Peppers by the end of the month. And then we also have a couple bell peppers she’s talking and I can like 5 I feel like. what else do you need to know 9 a.m. is when stuff is going to start I feel like I just talked to your wife yeah yeah she was not this mean to me. I guess that’s it his bark is a medley. I feel like they think that their project is like this huge thing and it’s really not I can’t imagine doing a full project with that family how to get to have a really hard time understanding who talked to the dude basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’ll currently working with the client she has an extremely small projects like typically but we’re not a referral we would not take in it. It is hard to make it worth our wild exactly. I’m at Joshua’s redo counters at a bad time. And so she picked up her, this morning and saw them this week but she’s been extremely difficult and I get it she’s it must be a little bit organized person. I myself a very organized person but I would never talk to somebody the way she’s been talking to us and our co-workers. She’s I get a suitcase kind of something awkward but I still believe in being a nice person.  so are you going to give her a call. and what time is Valerie Friday at light Haley this is Sarah basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’ll give you a call This is what I have is kind of going around introducing myself as well as the company I was just kind of giving out information that even though that I that ain’t going so we’re looking for a modeling Renovations in the future or currently we will be like we would be happy to help table. I was able to talk any Realtors at the office is exactly because of all of the board meetings are busy or I found Remax actually all the real image for working from home except for the reception is. But the receptionist said that she would send out an email to all the realtor just like giving your equation. But yes I like that was super nice of the receptionist was going to hand out do the next date it’ll be Friday title you’re welcome all this is going to be a great. play I really hope she did she really.  she said we’re rude people she said I am because no one’s telling me anything and I have people why do people talk like that I don’t get it. that was the mastership Messerschmitt we’re so ever even finish out her yet why are they referring people that we have I don’t think that leave share the same feelings. what you know it was with you when you said that that this was going to be like not a normal. oh so we were just going to take them off on Thursday and put them back on on Friday I was there to move out, not even today. and then there new countertops they won’t be done for another month. can of Milwaukee marble and granite do all this themselves or do they have to hear all the contractor to remove the counters. I just I don’t understand why she feels like she can’t talk to us like that basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I also don’t understand why she needs to know the specifics so much like if you’re going to call it a TV provider or something they were going to come out they just give you the time frame I don’t know if.Best of that was super nice I will give it to you I’ll tell me there’s a  left and she was super helpful. She said that they are both file and I’m just full of that kind of stuff so you can make sure to put our information in there basement remodeling Milwaukee. Hopefully with him with his to call back and we would be nice to kind of get that move along out there. She’s been through a lot of really cool older home till 3. I was actually driving while driving over there around looking for you, since I drove past the house I have the coolest treehouse in a way I can write actually.

I was on like a quarter watt so you could see just like the side when you can see like the backyard what not but the tree house was almost like a big Mike Akshay basement remodeling Milwaukee. Super cool houses that were just being completely like a real face in the exterior work.I feel like I’m always seem to the remodeling projects being done down there. So maybe we’ll be able to do that ourselves. Just walk Marvin over there a lot when I leave I want to see the remodeling cars. One of them actually was a window installer and I was talking to Morgan and I told you what that I reserved a dog sound having a very funny that is persons with the same name is mad all the time. Say I think a lot of those houses that have the potential to have some medical projects. I really been in any of them so I just look at the pretty update.