Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Producing an Underground Haven?

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Hello today is a great day here Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee great news for everybody we are providing all of our customers with a free estimate the season and a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business so if you can give us a call at 414-460-0075 and you can schedule your free estimate today at Back to Basics Builders we’re here to serve you and all of your remodeling needs so what are you remodeling today my goal is to remodel the basement so my kids have an extra playroom next season so hopefully this summer we can go get those cobwebs out of there which action is what we’re going to be doing this weekend getting some cobwebs out we’re going to be moving along some good storage containers and setting up for a rummage sale and then we’re going to move ahead and store things that matter to us now we have grown a lot we have grown out of a lot of things we have grown to cherish a lot of things and I think it’s time now that at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we clean out and we move on and I’m really excited for this weekend because it’s a time of growth and Back to Basics Builders we will be painting my countertops this weekend and hopefully I pray that I have an extra day to paint a wall and from painting a wall to adding Decor on Monday so we shall see we shall see what is going on we shall see what the day holds for us at Back to Basics Builders I’m looking through some paint colors and a lot of the paint colors are natural neutrals which are really boring for me so I hope to add color to my kitchen preferably agree I really like green I like turquoise I like outside the box colors I’m not a natural neutral kind of person it’s just too much for me at Back to Basics Builders I love seeing new things and I love I was at the at home store yesterday and we were able to look around and find some cool stuff and actually found a mug rack something to hold the mugs coffee mugs we haven’t had that in a long time it’s a smaller one which is fine cuz we only have four mugs to hold or three here in the office but it gets off of the stand and we get to hang them up so I get really excited for the small things in life I like to store things and baskets here at the office it’s a little more professional than that I haven’t used plastic baskets yet don’t plan on it but you never know at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here to serve you were here to be excited about our future we’re here to do great things with our remodeling projects at Back to Basics Builders we have a nice little for office space and this office space is a multi-purpose office space we are able to fit a nice table in here and seats 8 I’m 10 if we really have to and we’re able to celebrate big days and I get really excited when that happens because I like when the kids are here in the families are here and we can serve meals and we can put food out and everybody just gets so excited about it and I love it at Back to Basics Builders we have a birthday coming up in June which let me check out my calendar here June 5th Hazard next birthday also are payday I believe an association so I will have to go out and find some fun birthday stuff for our birthday celebration name at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you definitely get excited to celebrate life we really really do and I know that I talked a lot about our multi-purpose face here at the office but it is a definite multi-purpose area we have a lot of space to be used we have a lot of energy we have great staff and of course we have beautiful storage purpose and I love it I love that my storage is in here I love that I could use some more storage baskets but here and Back to Basics Builders we need to add a little more color so we’ll have to step that up fun at Back to Basics Builders we have a lot going on here and we like to have fun discouraged we have a lot going on all the time and we celebrate a lot of different things at Back to Basics Builders we have lots of energy and makes a smile a lot we get to do many different things here at Back to Basics Builders where a company that loves to support our families we love to encourage people to participate in their demos while others are okay with not knowing or remembering what gets tossed into the trash as you know during the covid pandemic many thrift stores were busy and packed with doncation and even but their donations on hold for some time at back to basics builders we do not donate any of our demos we dumpster them so there are no traces of ever getting your items back it is up to you to be considerate and to look through all of your stuff prior to demoing for your remodeling projects i love that we can continue with remodeling projects A back-to-basics mother’s basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re really excited because even through juggling and organizing and putting things away and going through old memories and bringing in some new stuff but we get to grow with families and I think that’s one of my favorite Parts is I always tell people I’m celebrating I’m different cultures everyday because we have new families in that want new remodels everyday and I just really gets me excited because when families grow and I’m learning so much and I’ve been implementing it at my home Back to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s so many different things that can turn into a project you really have to be the person to John Lyons and guidelines and barriers and whatnot to figure out what really should be a project and what should it be right now I I’m simply just looking for paint I never thought it would be so hard I don’t know what kind of paint I want I don’t know what color paints I know that it’s green I don’t know what color green I want I try to be really decisive and knowing what I want and I do really well with it not once have we had to Prime and repaint so I look forward to this weekend there should be a lot of girls in my home and a lot of new things to come so stay tuned next week we’ll be talking about all the accomplishments of this week.