Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Anything You Have Planned Yet?

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Wow here we go again time for me to wrap up the day but you know I might not probably just going to plow through this night it’s been busy and spend crazy but I’m tired I don’t want to move struggling to keep my eyes open but I know it’s all worth it in the end I’m going to drink some Red Bull at 5 at night and see what it does I know I have to get some laundry in I have to get some dishes done and my kids have to eat something I don’t know what but and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee why on Earth does my washing machine stink why do I have to wash my washing machine to wash my clothes why is it so complicated why is it so frustrating to me that I have to do this I’ve never ever in my life heard about this but I know my mom recently got a new washer and dryer in the Holy high-tech this thing lights up and everything and it locks until it’s completely done so your kids can’t get in there I didn’t even know that existed my washing my kids can really climb into that we’ll play hide and seek and the most dangerous of places but my appliances are tucked in the basement where I do my laundry in I just I don’t understand it it’s so frustrating to me I don’t like it I hate it that my laundry is all the way in the basement but that’s why I like my kids wear their clothes over and over again just kidding at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee when you’re considering your remodeling project to consider the space that will be remodeled and know that you may either be downsizing or you may be upgrading I know that washers and dryers are not cheap these days and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s not something you just want to throw your money out and say here you go get yourself what you need to know that I struggle because I can go to the restore and get a $200 washer versus going to Best Buy in spending $8 or $800 excuse me and I’m just that kind of person I had a free washer and dryer given to me and my dryer busted and we’ve had this Dryer no 4 how do I say 3 years and it started going when my daughter was probably a year old so now I don’t have a set they don’t match I’m really frustrated about this I want to wash and dryer that match but nobody sees it nobody knows where I do my laundry I don’t open up the store and see that they don’t match I just smell one more than the other and it’s so frustrating down to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee let’s talk about how you clean your washer different ideas and let’s just think the same I know that I’ve had a couple tablets that I put in the washing machine and you can a bunch of different things down at just go right into your are tablets and you shove them right in your ear washing machine it’s a tank cleaner and they look great I really should get a ton of these but have fashion Basics pillars basement remodeling Milwaukee reviews the little tablet thing is is there anything else to clean my washing machine have any ideas pleaseĀ  feel free to let us know because I would like to know at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee is all different brands that come up and top up I use the Tide washing machine cleaners on their little tablets and you throw them in there or their packets and you just pour them in there which ever you can buy I believe I have packets this time around and I just throw them in there and they clean my washing machine and it doesn’t smell as bad now let me tell you the craps thinks I don’t know why it smells and some days are worse than others so I don’t know if my washing machine has bad days are good days but I’m Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I want to know your thoughts I want to know if your washing machine stinks too or is it just mine because I’m curious so jump on that free estimate today give us a call at 414-460-0075 will start with your free estimate get that scheduled you’ll get a hundred percent free consultation from us with a remodel don’t forget your appliances while you’re considering your remodeling project because that’s important very expensive we will support you with free consultation throughout the remodeling process once the project is complete Dover cut me off and you can’t have consultation anymore just kidding or not that means a batch of basic basement remodeling Milwaukee we love our customers and we treat them well where family of integrity we’re very joyful to be living our passion and to be helping one another and to support other people’s Lifestyles and functionality of their homes and we provide a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business I always mention that because that’s a kicker man that’s 15% that you’re saving anywhere else in this while we chose the area here in the Midwest you can also check out our reviews and our pictures and all those shenanigans on our website at and then you can go ahead and check out give us a jingle at 414-460-0075 we love to hear from customers give us your info and let us know what your thoughts are and when it comes to your appliances do they stink or do you just buy new ones when you remodel or update I don’t know mine don’t match I guess that’s a thing of the modern-day is your appliances have to match I’m not quite modern day yet so when I get there I’ll let you know but please do reach out and give us your input and sign up for your free estimate today.