Testing testing testing hello hello hello. Perfect time to try and get the last couple and stone may be a little more if I can fit them in. I really want to try and at least get 25 for the week if anything. 24.25. I would really like to 50 account but I don’t think I’ll contract to get that right now just because I’ve been kind of unmotivated to get them done. But I mean to be really nice because I think I’m going to just start to get underground parking at my apartment complex. Because I think people are starting to purchase that kind of parking underground right now a lot more frequently. And I want to make sure I have a spot for the winter basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I don’t think I’m going to purchase it until maybe September I told her I’m hoping to be able to push it out till. I don’t know how many other new people are going to be moving into the building as of now but I’m hoping that it slows down is my guess. I mean feel like a lot of police change over the Quran the summertime in it so much in the fall but I definitely could be wrong. But yeah I think like over the weekend while me Center gone at least five new people moved in. I’ve seen a lot more than I’ve been for the new so I’m not sure if anybody else new moved into the other building. I know a friend Tyler who did across the hall on Saturday actually saw him last night. I was taking my run outside to go to the bathroom one last time and I saw Tyler and he was saying hello it definitely scared Marvin. Because my record cute either but he could at least see where he was looking all around pulling me every which direction because you start you know figure out where he was exactly. You never really figured that out he just kind of decided that he wanted one side eventually. Which was totally fine because I was late I want to go to bed anyways and Marvin useless take his time outside at night and I really want to lose me basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Because I’ll take him out with me like 15-20 minute party break end up being like an hour long ordeal because Marvin is see if the dogs are going to sound at just takes him forever. And then this morning what was I doing this morning I was taking you outside again this morning but then there’s just one dog that the owners are super nice the dog that has kennel cough and they don’t want to pay it for the medications so I don’t know what to happen to their dog but he’s already just walking around with a kennel cough so I try to keep her away from him because I don’t move over to catch kennel cough again because it was very expensive episode that I don’t really need to revisit any time soon. Especially when his that doesn’t live in the Milwaukee area. I didn’t do a vet and Madison he actually has to go to the vet this coming Saturday. Paella party if I don’t want me telling my ass off I have to leave my parents house at like 8:15 or 8:30 or so just get there in time. Usually pretty fast iPhones don’t take that long. Every now and then there’s a lot of questions that I have to ask but the vet super nice there. Hey my friend Maddie is going to be coming over tonight basement remodeling Milwaukee.

She asked if we could have like a movie night there’s a lot of movies that I want to watch a Mesa is really like movies. He and if he wants to watch movie hissing like a lot of like the end Syfy, protection whatever those kind of things paste prefers like the true stories and accept that. And I like those too but sometimes there’s like movies I really want to watch it you just want to watch and so if and Maddie and I we should go watch a movie of down there. And she really wants to go see Tyler’s apartment situation across the hall. Actually Maddie seriously about Tyler so I know that she’s eager to come see Tyler and Marvin. She absolutely loves mom and I think the marvelous mrs. that mean I can’t miss because whenever Mason ever busy Maddie would actually wash my run for us. And so definitely but she misses having company. Cuz she really wants you to talk but her her boyfriend and is really want to talk in a apartment basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I feel like I said that I want I mean I have an apartment but our problems with bigger than theirs. And there’s is pretty tiny I don’t we stick it in my feelings are towards square feet it’s really small. And I don’t think they allow dogs sorry that. I also was because you the fact they don’t allow dogs. But I know of Maddie’s very excited to see Margaret tonight. And what she like spending time with him to get so excited when he sees him and Ian so we shall see. But I’m kind of lazy least you finally told her to Pieces lying around your house and refurbish them and bring new life to them. I definitely think that like you can bring a lot of life back into an old piece basement remodeling Milwaukee. I just like them like you’re not buying a new piece of furniture obviously. Then you’re just kind of like I don’t know we’re using what you have. Let’s save money. I mean you’re definitely got to pay for like the materials I need to 4 per cent but I think. Isn’t that bad. Compared to like buying a new piece of furniture which can be ridiculously expensive at times basement remodeling Milwaukee.