I’m trying to get these hyped up hopefully at least 3. By the time you get back because I’ll be halfway down laminate can get the rest of later today before I go to the last night for you this week the first that’s what I’m going on basement remodeling Milwaukee. Not super sure exactly what to expect but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’m actually going to check something quick on indeed. Quick check something. I was cooking when I was checking to the sound of the important. What was it that important and I struggle in the SEO. But yeah so I was talking about this toy that treat or treat toy thing that Holland he got Marvin. I really hate this microphone thing so much baby cuz everytime I stop talking for maybe you can like a minute and I’ll just stop recording at the start it all over. I get out of with it doesn’t take that much time but you frustrated because I’m totally distracted basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I really want to hear talk like an hour straight. It’s so I don’t know I might really frustrating and I wish that my headphones went through that. Not exactly sure how to try to fix that. Nor do I really care enough to fix that. Sorry we had to go back that way. Holland got Morgan. It’s like it was little rubber toy that light comes with extras refillable treat things. And the like I guess like font process buying the street is that it looks to me like the dog I guess. To advance like sit there and look at the tree out. And like Marvin has been looking the street since Friday and he has gotten quite a bit out but not even like not 50% of it out yet. And I asked, is it going to take me awhile to get it out and she’s like oh yeah she’s like blue. It doesn’t go or not but I might get one out of the month. So it’s not like this will be a treat that like I have to buy them with a lot of. If she really likes it and I think it’s a really good way to the keeping busy. So I think we might start putting it up and then like when we leave early can we go places we might give it to him because then it’s like kind of like a special treat. And it really is good at distracting him how does they give it to Bowser lot in the crate because it really helps him stay busy and occupied is a create then he doesn’t even realize that they’re not there. Especially with like Jordan works from home so they he’s home majority of the time but how and she does have to go to work basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I thought that she had to go to work like earlier but I guess she doesn’t have to work until like 4 or so every day which I think is kind of nice for her. Just hang out but like also like that used to work for the day. I know I wouldn’t like that but that’s why I am not the waitress I guess. I just know that I wouldn’t really like 2 hours. How long does it take it either but it’s just whatever like that was like the only child that she could get right now because she is taking his muster off at school. She is only just much are behind because she failed the class that she needed to pass in order to take the next up a course for her psych major I guess. So she’s taking a semester off just going to really focus on herself I’ll say some money out how much it cost to get in great last few years but you really just wants to focus on improving that. And so yeah it’s kind of like her main focus right now but so that’s why she’s waitressing. She’s waitressing at this place in Duluth go little Angie’s it’s like a Mexican restaurant. When I went to school there I actually never even went there but I’m not because I didn’t want to just like when I went through my freshman year I didn’t have a car or anything so it’s a lot harder to move it like travel around then it would be now kind of thing.

But she said the food is really good and she likes a lot of her co-workers. They definitely are some that she doesn’t like driving to find that everywhere and she also said that like the cops are really nice to her I guess they make her food a lot after her shift is done so that like she doesn’t have to go home and cook dinner basement remodeling Milwaukee. And then they also give her enough to bring home select Jordan can I have some food too so then he does have to cook for just myself or how long does it get to come home before 2 so it’s really sweet that they even like think about that basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Clear the cloud to go my dad and take him into consideration which stinks but I mean it’s also like your job to feed them I guess so I think that’s what I just found a job with people really do focus on her well-being and he seems to like a lot. I’m hoping to maybe get you after Louis till sometime this year but I really just depends forward to depends if we’re going to go to Arizona at all this fall. Because my mom talked about going in late October which I totally want to go especially because it’s finally nice and warm there what not to me it’s warm here right now but different kind of warm there I guess and so I really want to go but she needs to give me some answers first basement remodeling Milwaukee.