Okay so the next thing on the talk about is that see we had in session 4 part 2 day on the coach talked about the forties of being an employee in the first energy and energy means when you come to work are you ready to go do you have the energy to do you know are you ready to go like you come to work sluggish and tired are you come to work you know energetic and no excited to take on the day the next one for the EU would be energized so are you able to transport.  transfer that positive energy that you have and this is the biggest water

I’ve ever seen anyway are you able to transport transfer the energy that you have you will transfer it to other people to get them on the same energy wavelength As You Are I agree I think it is as well to be execution do you do what is asked of you and you do it right A lot of people will work today but if you work hard and you’re not doing what’s expected of you it will be useless other than that do basement remodeling Milwaukee what’s going to be the room for a little while talking I’m sure I will get some more add some more as we go on another one is see session 3 part 3 3 areas that everybody will need to grow to grow their pocketbook right and the first will be the skills that they have skills are key you can make it pretty far on what you’re good at doing however the next will be knowledge a lot of people have knowledge right knowledge would like to see without application is useless but always growing your knowledge always trying to get better at your craft will increase your pocketbook as well as your character your characters of thing that

Basement remodeling Milwaukee your character is something that you don’t to take you far away and also he likes to work with you and your skills and you acknowledge you can turn yourself into the perfect employee on making yourself worth more money to the company and so on and so forth they also you don’t you don’t want your work to last purpose so there’s also responsibilities at work you know a lot of people hate work right but the thing about work is the fact that it builds character my people don’t think that but a lot of responsibility comes of having a job and keeping a job and things like that so on responsibilities at work definitely build character me if I think about my previous experiences as a seahorse farmer. 15  15 and 1/2 a basement remodeling milwaukee half I was a horse by it wasn’t something that like I wanted to do one for that love to do I feel like I was the only one of my friends at work on the weekends however how to build character I mean I thought that sense of responsibility to show up to work everyday no matter the cause the only day I ever missed from that job was the day I listen to 10 facts it and now it’s a great day because when I first.

Own they really by They were dry sockets so that kind of was unfortunate I’m not healed and then a month later get re-infected in my whole face was swollen and it was a whole big deal if you look at other notes I took from this basement remodeling milwaukee situation Let’s see we did more the worker level Mansion of all so don’t repeat the kind of got to do it because I told you that’s not enough people like you within a few a little lead if I need to gain that trust don’t think of work as a necessary evil to and make a profit you know where can be the vehicle to the Future that you want you’re not going to get to the Future that you want without working correctly everything everybody wants the cost money and then would have been wanting to work so instead of thinking of it as a bad thing that nobody wants to think of it as a vehicle to get to where you want to be that can definitely be a thing that I can talk about on Friday the vehicle is where you’re supposed to be you know basement remodeling milwaukee nobody you can just go from here where you no say we’re at right now to your future and your goals you have to spend some time in the vehicle you have to spend some time in the car I’m So at the moment you’re supposed to be the vehicle and that’s perfectly okay most people are isn’t a long time ago you know when you get this way it means your work actually has meaning because you don’t want your work select purpose right I’m so if you think of work as having meaning means to get to your future to me to get you what you want me to get you where you want to be provide the right thing for your family and to be able to do what you want to do in life and enjoy life like I said things cost money and you’re not going to have any money if you don’t have a job you can we live on certain things for so long right basement remodeling Milwaukee.

On the next one but I would say is it’s hard to think of but as much as you don’t like work work at 3 add you into the person you are today right like if you have responsibilities as groom do to be that way you need to embrace it right I guess I’m free to go cuz without it what are you really working towards you know you’re just kind of berry or vegetable a vegetable I would agree but you know there are days that I don’t love go to work but you know I try to change my mindset to think of it as a vehicle to give me where I want to be.