Tell if you went out there must have been great and fantastic afternoon it is Wednesday evening ants it’s about time for work to be done and you know we’re here just kind of discuss one little more thing real quick, everyone you know here basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re having a fantastic day and we’re actually be discussing artwork and the different styles different things he can do you know uniqueness a offers to one’s family and along those lines so let’s get into it. First of all artwork piano everyone has artwork in her house for guard this of how what people think about our self weather is nice TV nice Xbox or anything like that does add a little idea and design to what’s home but if you have kids and you looking to make a reminder in project and adding artwork while I was at U of kids first of all let me see you have some artwork in school these days everyone is dry and making sure that there is Art and making sure these kids are doing our begin with you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a quite a bit of employees that have their own kids and they know what it is they know what they’re talking about about art I do arts and crafts they like doing that kind of stuff so everyone has already in their own world and there’s no different about artwork you know I was city of your paintings that you can buy from stores along those lines when you go to the museum to see the nice classic artwork that most people don’t ever see the lives because it’s just something that people don’t want to go in the same to and watch and just look at you know some people really into artwork which is that their opinion and for me I am I like drawing it rather than go and look at it I’ve done my fair share of our so. Here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of artwork because you know if you look at our projects we’ve designed all this we ended up treating all these projects and these basements and bathrooms and kitchens and it’s a piece of art do you know it’s all work regardless of the different kinds of styles like I said you know we can talk about the Styles you know what’s that all about a canvas and painting it’s about the idea of what is different and designing something is art as well so let’s talk about some of them you know we’ve done in space and it has a nice stack stone within a bar and it has a backsplash has the saxophone in the stone is also the sex known as the face of the bar and it turned out phenomenal we just warm the award contract of your word for that project itself in which is very unique and very amazing for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and it’s very interesting very unique. We’re very happy with all that has been going on I see what this is but you know it does come down to what people see is our in what is not to have in their opinions of regardless don’t matter cuz it’s your opinion that matters to which you yourself their opinion should not matter about the art do you want your face look like that great it looks fantastic absolutely does not like it and that’s their opinion about the artwork and that’s what we’re coming down to is here at base remind me more options you know we appreciate everyone is ideas and designs and what they want instead of home that serve breakfast cuz it’s their home that’s what they get to live with it’s what they have to do to make many more memories with that’s what they want to do there’s no one that should be coming in judging what that is being done or what they want because it’s not their home can always give our opinions on stuff that we think looks a little nicer on last week of color that goes with this if you ask that we don’t judge of the materials that you would like on the floor right now you want that find great well you want this color great will give it to you if you asked for opinions on stuff that matches while we give that to you the great eye for detail here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. And we have a lot to offer we make sure our clients have a communication with our agendas and making sure they what they want gets told the right people by writing out this agenda we have a table in there that gives you do you need to choose dates that you need to choose by there’s a lot type in what you would want whether it’s from Menards with us from the actual sores that we have for their subcontractors or is it from anything else like those lines that’s where it goes and we make sure we order what we need and make sure it gets to the right places at the right time so I can shower contractors know that this is what they wanted and making sure that it gets to them in a timely matter. He no here at base and remind walk we have a lot to offer our clients and yeah but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot to offer you guys are clients make sure that they get everything they want making sure they’re doing in the project turned out great in basement remodeling milwaukee watch we have free estimates give us a call and let us give you a free estimate and let us through the house and give your opinions and ideas or we could do for you and then if not you tell us what you would like.