Hello. Hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Wednesday evening you know here and basement remodeling Milwaukee we are working a little late today but you know what we work hard we also play hard as well you know we have a lot of great adventures here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we hope everyone has Chase we’re having trouble hearing you I watch was as I have Android so as I was saying your basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of great adventures and you know it’s a different everyday here we can’t. Look at that fact and say wow do you know we’re lucky that way ever such a great job every day we will come here and we work with our clients very closely and we’re very happy to help them create an origami cranes of all that they want. For the home you know it’s one of those things we do here at Bass River going to walk you is that we’re not just creating bathrooms and kitchens retreating memories for future generations and it really does make a difference to a lot of people never know what’s going to happen down the road and I thought they might really be the difference.  but what year did discuss some of the options go as we talked about this stuff and we help our clients with the future of their homes is that we like to also give people ideas and also have idea generation it’s a meanie that we just kind of talk out loud kind of topics of stuff we can help with and kind of give you guys a little more clarity on and one of them is bar and wine refrigerators you know you don’t see him very often we talk about wine cellars before far as in general we talked about in the refrigerator in the bars and wine cellars but never actually talked about them in self you know they are very unique very different than regular refrigerator is Neo they’re meant to actually be able to just Heather grab your drinks and that’s all it’s supposed to be started there so you know this. Made the first tiles in them and they’re all very unique you’ll just like every bar that we Trey is not the same bar that we create the last time hello before hours never had that rocks my world you know having a lot of options and you can choose with remodeling projects but the bars we’ve done many bars and turn around to get pageant here at basement remodeling Milwaukee is the straight bar that we can for the price that you guys have you know you guys want one we were very hard to get it done but you know it comes down to something you have to put into it comes down to style that you guys want you know we’ve done a bar before where it was a stone stacked stone for the face of the bar which is amazing as well as we did for the backsplash on the wall and we put some floating shelves there and it’s been amazing you do just won an award for that has been pretty great you know we are just getting things done with that and we can only hope that there’s more to come with that with those kind of projects you know we would have ideas for the next year’s remodeling projects and awards we might be entering in more than one this year and next year and it’s going to be amazing if you know we didn’t mean to interrupt. So I hope we end up doing that where’s that we are going into the basement remodeling milwaukee area and when the being a national book award so you know we’re very proud of all the work that we’ve done and that we did and we’re very excited because we didn’t expect it not saying that we are work with a great or anything I was just what are those how does a computer misspelled a wordThat is crazy though I’m doing voice typing and the computer just misspelled a word which is ridiculous your face from should volleyball walking on cigars is one of the biggest things we have to help us creates and recreates many different projects that we have done over the years a working Friday just like everything else you know you take one day at a time and that’s what we do here at basement or not I’m walking to take everyday one day at a time and we make sure that our clients are happy with all the projects that’s been going to check our Communications daily making sure that they’re happy making sure that everything is up-to-date everything they know that they need to know is being sent to them as well as keep them in the loop on the subcontractors are even the contractors are us coming into the ones home you know it’s very interesting how everything works out but you know everything that was work out for a reason  and we hope he has been able to cuz you know you found us and you chose us to help you with your home and you chose us because while we can’t tell you why you chose us we can’t tell you why he left us with the communication that we give your home when we’re in that everyday and the product in the finished product that comes about when we do our work we are doing with very high quality it would make sure they were very respectful what we’re doing it would do it on a timely manner and we tell you right there at night you know things like that matter to us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee at it if you haven’t noticed that or even asked us for a free estimate for vinyl project of yours when he was a call and  and find out for yourselves cuz we do fantastic bars here and be glad to help you with yours.