Hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Tuesday afternoon. I know that basement remodeling milwaukee is not the easiest thing in the week and all you just got over my name and I’ll be here for a few more days prior to be left a little past noon here and we got some exciting thing to go over today we been doing a lot of discussing what can be no different here. when we talked about more protectli though bar Decor he wanted me by Bartok or is that just something we just put up with in the bar but more so on What goes in a barroom so let’s think about it first while you have your games. Game tables more particularly like your foosball air-hockey you got your pool table at your poker table as you know you got your chess games you got you are games made in things you can do with some amazing games that people have created you know do people drink or not obviously it’s a thing but I was actually at Christmas party and we are at the friends house. a river whose houses we are at what they had this checkerboard checkerboard was made out of the fabric wasn’t hard game board or anything like that but the squares were bigger and the checker pieces were a lot bigger now they were can size she liked it you for the drink, can I, can I mean the can on projector pieces and you play that way you lose when you drink and I was the game if it was interesting game you know I didn’t play it I saw I was like that’s interesting and I use basement remodeling milwaukee a lot of creative things you can do and a lot of crazy things you can have in your bar area do you have your game table accessories to you really put on Young balls for pool table that you can leave in the pocket where you can describe a nice case that we had no effect you have all the ones taking more losing home. Trying to find them accessories you know one of the biggest things in bars these days even interest personal bars or even if you are to borrow or the Vintage Accessories of Game Room memorabilia you know you have your baseballs you have your basketball football the event It games when he got signed in or even caught from somebody’s home worse and if you know like if you caught some his first home run while you really going to have to pay for her but like I can keep an eye on it you know stuff like that that happens and that’s and that’s what we’re me discussing I know I’ve already discussed a lot but you know what to do anymore so here at basement remodeling Milwaukee yes we do all the remodeling project give you the bother you can’t do stuff like that you know that’s fantastic Library around me design this nice and fantastic but I’m excited to get this one going is with nice family that we just met the other day and I have a brand new space and they’re very excited they loved some of the work that we thought of the past for other clients and it’s fantastic know that they’ve looked at a website and gone over some of the stuff here basement remodel Milwaukee more we take pride in the work that we do and it’s very nice knowing that  that’s how it was taken the time to look through our website and kind of reference what they would like on their bar. when we do it for them spit it’s easy for us to understand what they want and exactly put into our estimates by the way which are free of harassment are free and I don’t know you should take a look at them are free SMS to do that we just did a while back you know I’m here in basement remodeling Milwaukee with you give offer free estimates. we go to your house for free even take a look at everything I want you we do need to mention that we the only way to get the proposal is to set up at next meeting with us we can’t just email it to people anymore of their file size are way too big so it’s one of the things that we’re trying to get in and keep me late people to understand I’ll bet you have your darts in your game room wall I like you have a lot of different options for that you know I just some things you can put out there y’all so you have your pictures you put up your family out of things like your games that you have a kids play that so it’s better fantastic are you there you could do your best for buying or I can get a lot of different pendant lights tonight at 8 don’t want to see that often but Amazing jobs. you can check out our website you know one particular we did these nice pendant lights are coming down from the ceiling this kind of like the place of it better there download so you can see you in the bar area more return it all here basement bottom walking we want to help as many people as possible with remodels you know unfortunately that we can’t basement remodeling milwaukee help everyone was it would you ask a few quick questions make sure they we can help you want to make sure that you’re in the area that it’s time frame meets what you’re looking for because it seems like that like you know we are very busy we have a lot of clients and we’re working on right now if you want it done immediately it’s going to be able to get done immediately some people have to get it done immediately and we wish you the best of luck and we’re sorry we can’t but we do is try to help everyone as much as possible so give basement remodeling Milwaukee to call let us help you.