If you want to help me with having a great and fantastic day once again here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re having a fantastic and tremendous about of day today you know I can say that we have had a lot of great success today we’re getting job sites quicker and more efficient pass with the stuff that we did for much is over the past few weeks as well as making sure that we’re leaving efficiently making sure everything is cleaned up in our clients are happy with the way that means he left in their house. Messi or anything there’s no duscany up into their houses and the rest of the house oh yeah they are sign another contract with the Cardinals which is also very exciting about a huge Cardinals fan of I am very excited for you out of the out of here is a great and fantastic catch her you know he is a phenomenal player in phenomenal person I’ve actually met him once and said hi to him and it was different and it was very unique for sure. But regardless he is one of the better catcher’s that’s ever play the game and I’m very excited to see a back of the Cardinals and see if he can she is a elusive of what he’s trying to accomplish but you know we’re here to talk about building homes and basement remodeling Milwaukee knows that better than everyone because we’ve built a home ourselves here at our new office are home with a family that we’ve been growing with over the last few months that we’ve been together here and it’s been such a fantastic when we talked about building homes not just Building Homes itself even though that’s part of it here at Bass River Valley watch we make sure that are characteristics and our core values going to the work that we’re doing making sure that every time we step in when make it treating your family like our family and treating your home like guitars because it’s worth doing the whole entire it’s not just about the process of the work that we’re doing here when making sure that everything is being done properly and taken care of. Meaning dad we going to our job site store York our clients homes trust that hard workers are crew is doing a fantastic job with it and being care of your home as well because we here at basement remodeling Milwaukee know what it’s like what do you come to your home and it’s not up to standards the way you would like it and the communication between each other stop there we hear a piece of really mock you know that communication is key to making a good remodel work and we do that in multiple ways here with a Google Docs phone calls agendas making sure that you guys are understanding every process the way that what’s going to happen in the next week is there going to be something here or there regardless of that stuff but now Building Homes is also Building Homes. you know there are a lot of companies in the Milwaukee area that build homes and there are not very cheap we found out and they’re actually very very expensive we have a worker here who joined our Crew 2 kind of get out of the house trying to get another job he was trying to retire from his previous line of work and he wanted to get into something that he likes doing just kind of free time on your discussing one day in a meeting that yeah the HUD homes is not expense not inexpensive it’s very expensive than call surround good home I want everything to get home but like $500,000 they cost a lot of money to make your own home and that’s just a small one you know I was he also comes down to the care of the act that that company has whether or not to do a great job do they have great reviews on their designs and the post that the being builtCuz that also comes down to play and making sure that everything is in fantastic water because he had basement remodeling milwaukee or should we make sure that our clients are a trusted and with our crew and making sure that is done properly and take care of the right way the first time because that’s what matters to us making sure that our clients are happy with all the work that has been done and being created over the coming months and we make sure that we destroy it when we’re done policy the rooms and stuff that nothing gets thrown out the way that this get thrown out you know it’s about taking care of that family’s home and we understand that because it is your home after all that ours we’re going into your home and you’re stressing us to be in there and be respectful of your place as well as your time as well as your money and making sure that turns out the way that you wanted to turn out you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of different ideas that we give out and we communicate that through orientation about ways to save a stress-free as well as the what to expect over the coming months as well as ways to communicate with us and the best ways to communicate cuz that’s what it really does come down to his Billy Holmes about communication how that goes about but you know here at basement remodeling milwaukee we have a lot more to offer than just building home as we get out free estimates that’s one of the way we communicate with their clients you know that’s how we get our clients is we kind of go out there and discuss their free the project for free and see what we can do and help with that and that’s one of the biggest things that we have to offer it was a communication.