And she does basement remodeling milwaukee all down and show cookies and muffins goes over into her room and then back to the kitchen it’s it’s not that I thought her brother and it JoJo at this age he just sat and he was non-verbal until 3 that’s crazy why are you forcing him to talk they don’t want to have to not meet the standard guidelines it was on like a specific number of words kids have to meet at 1 and 1/2 rent and she did not meet like the 40 words she only knew like 15 and so like you instantly play both doors are still not right she wouldn’t touch the doors they’re wet paint right I could just see it in the middle of the door I don’t know if they’re going to both email or mine but these are the ones I can and either what is 1 / 60 Kadesh hey buddy what’s up bud what you doing what you doing – everybody come here but yeah you’re a good boy what is she doing you’re wondering what’s going on don’t you peanut Here at basement remodeling milwaukee we have a very good office community where it is all high energy in here and we are having a great time getting work done.Maybe just go see that however we can be discussing different things throughout the day today you can be talked about bulletin boards and the many interesting ones that we’ve seen them have come up with I know there’s a lot of great ideas out there for example they’re supposed to board that has tic tac toe on it so be like it’ll game room for your kids that can be playing Tic-Tac-Toe with magnets on the Borg you know just one of many attractions that you can see to have in one’s home and design it so there are many other ones like another great one for exam what is Barn Door size well I should say this so you have a door and the door is a barn door so it has a size of 4 finish and the door itself is a chalkboard so you can draw great stuff on it and be entertained with his is some of that will be there because it’s a door to begin with and the kids hats of different design Styles towards home so unique since we see everyday we don’t see everyday either but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do have a lot of fantastic ideas and Designs so we come up with signs What was that oh okay But he’s just a few good ideas so we have a full around the idea bucket then you know there’s some more nice bulletin board that holds a large for file so that you can write repeat remember something that has a number system that helps you if that helps you organize yourself what would better did you have your original what you would normally see in a classroom bulletin board with burlap but you can click stuff in into it to make sure it stays there that you have a chalkboard itself. this is just some ideas a week and three throw around and it’s getting creative if you know if you keeps you organize have a family that you need to get meeting zajac and notice or no for that everyone in the family you know putting somewhere where everyone is going to walk by helps up letting them know what’s going on throughout the day what’s that you don’t know then we’re getting into our white boards and dry erase boards seeing all these are another big things that come into mine wouldn’t talk about bulletin boards they have a lot of useful only things that are easy to write stuff on make sure everyone knows in the house that what’s going on throughout the day as well as it there magnets stick to him so you can put a lot of different unique things on them hero if you want in your room you can rake at a calendar out through the month or something along those lines you know a lot of people do that no my has many different things you can do sister has one of those and uses to write her schedule out  she’s in college so she is you said just to make sure she’s on time for classes you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee you know there’s a lot of different ideas out there for everyone driving with family and this is not something that you would see you perfectly fine. We just give out ideas here and this and making sure that one’s understanding what they can do yts that they never thought of and making sure that I like your pink trailer for this is your home after all you want to make it any cuz possible you know some maybe just very classical this don’t care if I go about putting stuff in and what they would like or just making sure that it is it’s their needs which is perfectly fine. We’re here at basement remodeling Milwaukee making sure that we are taking care of her clients in every way possible if they want something like that with we give them we make sure we do exactly that are best for making sure that it turns out as best as possible with our crew that is that only such a great job these past few weeks and getting all these could jobs ever been working on so close to finishing any of them done which is amazing they haven’t turned out great and fantastic if you haven’t checked out basement remodeling Milwaukee at to give us a check out to and visit our website and we can maybe give you a free estimate if you sign up for one you know gives you an idea what you can do with your own rock basement we’re here to help everyone in the milwaukee area.