Hey everyone hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Monday afternoon I do hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re having a fantastic afternoon we just started to do projects tail oh man we are on the way to making their family a very happy know we exercise our creativity our Readiness and our communication skills here at basement remodeling Milwaukee I would take it very much pride in the how we communicate with our clients and making sure that they understand everything you step of the way what’s going on throughout the day throughout the project and making sure they understand that there’s going to be going through that with everything that is going to be happening as well as giving up my other aspects to communicate with us but you know here at basement remodeling milwaukee I came to discuss see this all day we were discussing and drafting tables. The tables are very unique and very neat. But you know what kind of work you do it you do here at basement everybody Waukee we actually probably deep want to help our job easier making sure that we are getting everything correct and church with lions images photos details going to everything get it does help with trying to do we do a do a little if you trying to hear their butt get out of a big thing is that these are really bad for her huge Architects and I seen like painters and stuff like that but you know they’re very very difference between Hazard something that you should look into getting you know it helps out with a creative mind in you know and also depending on what kind of workout you said that you’re not used to that Sofia the First and sometimes it is who is Kuwait with details about a few different ways you over here this way here that has two lights Anchorage the forehead that I have a yeast to Swerve legs going upwards to hold the flat surface where you could draw or type or write whatever you need to do play Forever by but in arm these are that are very interesting as for arms that go across it to make sure they connect to each other everything stays on point I am making sure that it is connected to one another or you can move it up and down so this is just one Buick Service of your writing is clear glass that easy enough so make sure it’s not would I feel like that where you get those little creeks and texture of drawing and writing when you have a wood like feature you know there are. But you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee there are different versions you like I said that was more made of metal and glass this what are the ones that made out of wood and then you know if you like that idea of it the drafting board you know it helps out with a lot of things now there’s a center c 1 Word actually has a desk and a drafting were combined into one where you have a spot for the laptop and spot for your pens and pencils on top of that has a drafting board off to the side to it connected by I guess I fundamentally object that is created to be of the move reports opinion on the side of the angle that you want it you know there’s plenty of different options that you can have out there for driving towards you know I like I said I would like one eventually they help out with the drawings that I have to create here for work and it’s very unique very different to and something I would just help out all the process dollar one versions of it is very different from what you would see. I’m getting into that one you have four legs to hold it up and looks like it’s normal desk has a keyboard area where a pull-out shelf or you can keep your keyboard and type when you have a laptop on there and then it has a little box to lots of that where you can hold your pens and pencils and no pads and stuff like that erasers and then the top part actually can move upwards Look Backwards move down and in what I mean by that I was you can angle the hot surface of the desk so you can have a drafting board now and then you can move without depending on laptop or not there at the time hair products But you know there’s many different options that you have few no hear a baseball remind Mark you would do more the design of the remodel and the remodel itself making sure that is drawn out and the workers build that plan as we speak it out to be and not go do whatever but making sure that the plan is built accordingly That’s what really matters here at basement remodeling Milwaukee is that the plants that we come up with areĀ  heart follows a.m. that it turns out the way that you and your family wanted to be it’s a lot of time and process to go into early model and making sure that every detail is perfect every detail is thought about and making sure that everyone knows what they’re doing and doing that it’s all big process that we love doing for paralyzed because it’s not an easy process for a people but you know drafting tables are not so say what you do we use them here as well like I said that we should have had one myself why don’t we wish we do have them but here basement remodeling Milwaukee we do have a lot of processes like I went to Paris model and busting this week give out free estimates so I can give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call and let us help you.