Testing one two testing one two hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Thursday afternoon you know we are here especially me I’m having a great and fantastic you know by preschool what to the doctors this morning and everything turned out pretty good do you have to do a retake a retest of the blood but you know it’s okay it’s nothing too serious has went double check some things Which is nothing too serious we hope but you better be safe than sorry so you might have to go a whole week of going through some tests and making sure I’m okay and which is always always good for you know we’re here to actually discuss other things that my health today for you know you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of great things happening to we have a lot of clients are be finishing up soon we are excited to finally get our pictures done with them and get everything going don’t forget me talk about driveways today though. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we go to a lot of people’s houses And usually park of the driveways and threatened to see the ones we see that are very unique ways I know it’s cold and snowy but you can’t Lucy with different design types both houses and how are they made up to the garage in the house itself. Yeah I know that’s why we went to the other day we are passing by one of our old the clients houses and it just wanted to say I was straight away with the naval Loop that goes on to the other side of the street cuz he’s around the corner so you’re the driveway like a normal driveway he goes right up to their garage and you have part of it being circle around to the other side of the street on the other side so you can pull right out and into that attraction just very unique. You know another one we saw last week was the same way were had, steeper driveway so I had he’ll they went towards the garage itself but then it had also flat surface I went to the other side of the road so once again the outlets on the corner so there’s been different things you could do a driveway isn’t working with me going over ideas different designs that she can’t even eat that we found in scene So first we have this nice decent size driveway it is a little drive to the house but you know has a big front yard but it is all with diamond Turfgrass looking things that go into the garage starting a Christian see something like that but it also has a wind around so you coming in from the main road take a right into driveway going west looks like then you have to drive straight and then there is a curve where there is a tree that has all wood chips are on the tree so it’s like a circle are the three are there scratch there’s one thing but like I said it’s very unique because not all the way it’s designed for the driveway so but more for the material is used to create a driveway it looks like they just put a huge mass over in the grass and that’s how you’re driving on and it’s very unique and very interesting you know. Here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t see very much a very different ideas like this very often actually at all. Do we do either but we don’t do anything with the exterior side effects of the projects we do subtract that outfit does kind of leak into the outside like the siding of a house if we’re doing no window then it’s in the bathroom but other than that we stick strictly to the interior area of the house and we do a lot of basements two bathrooms as well as kitchens and they always turn out fantastic you should take a look at our website at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that way you can take a peek at all the pictures and all the clients that we have in the past and try to get an idea of who we are You know you can just take a look at the testimony also we have on our website as well and from past clients that we’ve worked with and I’m very happy that they are very happy with the space that we remodeled and created for them you know I saw that it was out of nothing to some of it was left out of something but all of our clients are very happy with how everything turned out she can tell in the testimonials as well as you can take a pic at the pictures to make sure that we even are doing a good job that is us doing that work and we believe it turns out very well and we believe we do a great job you know we did just win an award in the milwaukee area for one of our projects and it’s very nice and very interesting cuz we can’t wait 4 years ago, we went out more towards I’m bored or doing because I like the driveway so you know another one that is very interesting that has the asphalt paving bricks it won’t break on the side that goes all the way to the house and then some stones on that side of it is well it is some more square blocks that goes on both sides of the left and right side of the driveway and then it from the sidewalk to the driveway has a block as well that but here at basement remodeling milwaukee itself you don’t do the things that were talking about the temperature I wish you could have but why don’t you give basement remodeling Milwaukee to call for the next remodel.