Oregon I’ll be worth having a fantastic and great afternoon I know it’s the weekend here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re just about finished up for the day and you know things could be going great you know it’s the weekend obviously you know we have a lot of things going on this weekend you know a lot either game really hyped and excited for the Packers beat in the NFC championship game against a great game you know I don’t know if anyone has really big plans or parties in y’all be safe I was just drive safely make sure you guys were doing things appropriately but he rap basement remodel Milwaukee we talkin about equipment today that I talked about tools earlier on we’re going to talk about the difference between equipment. so I always talk about tools before I’m at I got to go over to drill bits and ladders power tools garden tools and storage areas yeah but I was everything’s equipment that you would be using but what I mean by equipment for more of the things that you can’t just carry around on your belt what I mean by that is that you take your lawn mowers your air compressors you’re off fads and Pops Basement Remodeling Milwaukee stuff like that you’re always very important these days I have this kind of stuff you know we live in Wisconsin and you know if you have a big driveway shoveling is not fun I give you a nice workout but it’s not fun you know if you don’t have a snowblower your kind of ready at a disadvantage for the snow comes yeah it’s this comes out of the stuff like that I was just trying to have a small little equipment that helps you when you needed the most you know you never know when you get that 18-inch snow day and how you going to leave the house how you going to go down tubing sledding skin and I was just one of those things that you just got to need and you know right now in Milwaukee there’s a lot of snow on the ground but you know it’s very very cold. But on the other side of things do you know yeah let’s talk about the lawn mowers and I have your lawn mowers and well you have a huge huge yard like I had that you want the one that doesn’t have to be pushed you want one that ride so you can get things done faster you’re not breaking a huge square of push it along with the whole time but you know sometimes it is necessary so oh that hurt but you know there’s a lot of different equipment out there and when can I go in over more stuff on this line is seeing you here at basement remodeling Milwaukee I was so we don’t use a snowblower we know he’s a lot more those are just examples things that we do you so I like the air compressor you know as well as I personally don’t use the pressure washer you know there’s a lot of a company’s I do have the clean stopped make sure everything’s going appropriately give the air blower pump fan kind flight stuff . you know you have a lot more of those things is just that you have your vacuum Z remain big vacuums that we used to make sure that all the nails of stuff are gone make sure they’re picked up another worst thing is for one of the clients walking on their own home and get step on a nail you know it’s not a good it’s what makes a weird little more powerful on that matter and making sure that we hear a basement about the Milwaukee or treating her clients respectfully and right But give basement remodeling Milwaukee cuz we have a lot of options. Make sure our clients are to your right like I mentioned before you know on top of that we give our opinions on the what works best for you guys and your family are home you know it comes down with aspects of making sure we’re doing everything I possibly can they make it as simple and Stressless as possible you know we have orientations make sure every Klein knows exactly what to expect from us and what how to reach us with what we do and what we go through and make sure that everything is going correctly as well as being an open Line communication you know how many companies in this industry have stuff like that where we were on a consistent basis talking to our clients and making sure that everything is going smoothly and that there are no problems What’s the reminder itself because you know we are liable to response what we want to make sure that we’re giving you the best quality work that we can give you a lot of people spend a lot of money trying to do this and we want to make sure that we should do that and it is well worth it and making sure it’s exactly what you want done with your whole or very respectful to that letter and going towards the equipment we make sure it’s they’re useful as well as making sure that is necessary to have all the Basement Remodeling Milwaukee stuff which is all they do become very loud most machine so we threw use especially when people are hammering Nails in his skin thick as a tedious work on that we have I said does a job quite nicely and make sure everything’s a lie so give basement remodeling will call for a huge remodel that you need. You know we make sure that all our clients are taken care of and are as happy as possible with the Wii come out there for a free estimate and we ask you exactly what you would like done with you in your home to be a world look like and we make it possible so give us a call at basement remodeling Milwaukee.