Testing one two testing one two I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic day on this beautiful Monday afternoon you know I hope everyone had a great weekend you know it was a Super Bowl this weekend and how I want to do that. Looking forward to seeing Brady wind but that’s just me but we had a great weekend here at basement remodeling milwaukee. Relaxing weekend for most of us a little bit of running around for some of us I had to fundraise that I had to go to they’re pretty funny. It was something different than you would see why one underdressed one of them I was not expecting all fancies dressed up people there they came in jeans and t-shirts putting out here at base removal in Milwaukee when I’m going to be discussing that are very much I would actually talk about finally came and stood a and the different styles and different so you can keep in your office as well as different uses anything that can help you keep and stay organized is your home office. I think organize a help to you leave the file things correctly and make sure there’s a unique system in place so you understand where everything goes Testing one two two stupid thing here we go there we go now it’s working perseverate we discussing is the cabinet so you know you have obviously you’re just regular old cabinets where you can just go to the store while take Ashley furnitures anything like that Steinhafels Walmart even just getting over I got Captain where you have a few drawers to help you keep things together Alf I’m sure do a lot elevator bit that we got the cabinets darker oh kitchen seem like a mocha color and you’ll be three drawers and I’ll lock that what you can make sure that everyone needs in their new one takes anything out if you have a family making sure that they leave office stuff in there eating alone but you know that there’s many different things to of the you know you have your inclined file holder where you can put your papers your folders wherever you need depending on how you guys are organised stuff you know personally I have a rack that’s right next to the my future where I held all the papers in each one has the importance of things you could do to say make sure the things to get done of the week as well as some other things for an HP that create the proposals that we have for our clients and blueprints as well as some other things that make sure that I used to work nice I will poop I got back she will be highways as cousin also fight behind me to make sure that I have room for other things make sure that files on TV looked into later on that’s a sale this week I like checking for your attic leaving each other everything stays up to date so you know you have a lot of different ideas and many things that you can do you know like I said that there are plenty of things you can do it funny things you can get. You have me some remodeling reaction take care of the remodeling project you don’t take care of the details that go into the rooms so would you wish you luck with that cuz I ain’t how you would like but you also have different styles of cabinets and file cabinets and say this one I’m looking at is a golden mocha brown and has 1 2 3 5 drawer two columns so you have two columns of five drawers with lock and key that way you can put multiple things in this world are you probably hold little smaller things that are very important to your business is essential to it then you have your little totes and things like that but there are so many interesting ones out there you know either starts actually maroon color one but it looks very nice actually with the finish that has but then you have the movable chores and filing cabinets that you can move on wheels anything that you can do with office supplies here at basement Remodeling milwaukee at a we just moved into our new office and we have many different things that each help us keep us organized oh my God if you will go bald filing cabinets underneath my desk that way I can move on back and forth I need to if you need to work on something in those I put them on the server side for the day making sure I get into that filing cabinet today as well as other aspects to it here basement remodeling Milwaukee also have a lot of different ideas to help our clients make the best decisions possible you know I guess there are very unique ones this one looks like an old wood panel probably cabinet words Place 5 ft tall and has openings Twin Peak drawers that you can pull out of it and it has a little face where you put stuff in it where you can see if it’s just like office supplies like pens pencil Steve race J&J I just started 5 year old music and check out our website to your basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of great pictures of the clients that we’ve helped and testimonials of from one of those clients that how much I appreciate you helping them with their projects and making sure that their needs came first because here at basement remodeling milwaukee walk it all starts with a free estimate and it turns into a I’m making new memories have a very happy with all the clients that we’ve helped and you know this year’s starting off really great for us and hopefully keeps going so give us a call basement remodeling Milwaukee that help you with your project.