For today everyone I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Tuesday Morning. Tuesday I’m sorry today is not Tuesday is Wednesday morning you know man it’s been one of those days already but we’re still having a great time here at basement remodeling Milwaukee all days when Greg and I can’t complain it is a little cold outside but you know that’s okay you know it’s sun’s out sun shining bright and it’s a going to be a good day but we’re here to talk about freestanding stoves. Now here at basement remodeling milwaukee we will now what are freestanding stoves well you know it’s many different options for freestanding stoves they’re very unique can tell you that much are y’all seem very often they are kind of like old fashioned stoves where you have like an actual cast iron container that you can put wood in it and you let’s burn do you know it’s one of those things that you can do that I’ll be going to have a pallet version of it to it’s like I said it’s like an old-fashioned thing when we going over a few different ones and kind of getting ideas of what you can have you know just kind of cool different little ones that we’ve seen that are just for like wow now that’s interesting you know it’s the one that just gives you take saw your attention this from something else. What’s up first one is the Catalyst wood stove. It’s like once a very amazing cuz it was well it’s not something you see everyday like I said is one of those days I want to be keeps saying it’s route this time, but it is a like a shape stove something about Lansing but the bigger version of a old style Lantern okay now you have the top that you have a little thing that releases smoke make sure he has proper ventilation that nothing it’s smoke damage and making sure that it’s probably been slated to make sure you can breathe you know if you have too much smoke is it’s hard to breathe but regardless so like I said it looks like an old Lantern, has it drawer type thing that you would say where you can put the pellets in you know it’s very interesting like it’s cast iron and you have a stone top to it so you like a quartz or Granite top to its to keep everything in as a little been that goes through it and make sure they that he comes out. another thing is very interesting is that it’s red reason why I chose this one because it was right and I’m like wow a red old fashioned stove like I said that catches your eye to stop nipping look at it let’s just one of them of the few that we’ve looked at for a client of ours next really kind of get into the more old-fashioned ones I was still like I said basement remodeling milwaukee that we know I like the other one’s a little old-fashioned to look for your old style Lantern this was an actual like oh version of one used CDs in older homes you would see it like a log cabin cuz it looks exactly like you would have won in a log cabin dad that have a cast iron legs have a full-on cast iron encased and it is the spot where you can put the wood and start the fire has little rack where you can put some food to make sure you well. Make sure to say that but like where you can cook food She doesn’t have a different aspect to its you know Asus Windows take wood pieces I will see you don’t want to have to be quick they won’t fit but very This one is definitely different type is like I said an old fashioned type it has a handle on the outside of it but you can look into the fire and see how everything’s been cooking or how the fire is and you have this one that’s actually more of a modern style one I was in a stainless steel and cast-iron a little bit both but did she actually have a fire on the one side vents on the other side cooking the meat what does it burn burn what gives you that still cooking it’s and that’s very fascinating and interesting because you don’t see something like that every day off if you think of anything what you cooking food like a oven is ready. Looking at now as an oven type of cooked with actual using what is phenomenally know you don’t see that everyday you know you have a lot of different aspects to it and it’s very interesting to see that I hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee¬†a few but this is that one that you see everyday you know cast iron or even freestanding stoves they do trying to cost a little bit more me I know we’ve been talking about a lot of things that you can add onto one’s home and it’s been cost a lot of money that’s one of the unfortunately it’s something by adding onto one time. regardless when you do at Antalya home does add value with this most of the time and not seeing all the time but if you would maybe add another bathroom to one’s home in the basement or even an extra bedroom down there it does add that extra value to its helping you sell it later on if you do seem want to sell it at all a lot of time in a while families are reminding the home because they’re going to be in that home for a long time and that’s why they’re doing it also the reason why is because 2020 was a year of change for a lot of people and people got tired of seeing their home every single day while they were stuck in it so here at basement remodeling milwaukee we had a great year.