Hello everyone I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Wednesday afternoon you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re having a fantastic day already you know this week has gone off on a good on the right foot so far you know it is Wednesday so it’s halfway over already and we’ve already scheduled and walleye schedule we’ve already signed another contract this week which is amazing we’re just moving right along to this year already it’s been a great start of the year of you look back right now it’s been already a better mom put into the year 2021 which is amazing how things have flown by and I know it’s been quite the experience here adds basement remodeling Milwaukee what what was that Mark and Joe left for their think it’s the HVAC estimate at Niles so I know that he’s going to have a lot of Wild Nails got a lot of questions so she’s going to be there for a while no not yet I haven’t talked to her though yet either but – is here so I’m assuming she’s coming back to get that to Grandpa’s house that’s a good news she’s got me rollin. I do for reminders for call. Edible Arrangements 9:30 cancel this morning she woke up with no voice yeah I don’t want to get you guys sick so she’s just cancel the appointment and wants to reschedule what you need to Call of Duty schedule Annalisa with with it called as well she’s from designing works she did Angela I told you I would like to know what do you want to do like that we don’t me to tell her that it was a schedule appointment the how that’s how I really am doesn’t seem very who does  the kids so when I expand those skills which are tempting to expand their skills are we hiring any more people right now it’s not even construction workers like the saucy that’s really comes down to right now right now we’re not hiring anyone we’re not going to pay you guys to come over here right now hot  what was that yeah. And a hairpiece regarding Milwaukee we have a lot going on today and we’ve had a lot of amazing things cuz I don’t got a few checks for my clients and feeling good day so far I hope everyone is having a great and fantastic rest of their Wednesday at you know it’s it really matters is about having a great day when you working and make sure you use so they ripe I just said hey you know I’m have a good day today will work with an open mind just make sure your smile smile on your face you just keep going in it but here basement remodeling Milwaukee room discussing freezers today and some of the things about them you know and we talked to her refrigerators and appliances in kitchens before you know about the different aspects of them but you know what we started with the technology in general you know it has been upgraded in the last few decades amazing to see the progress that we have made as a Generations have keep going by How are your first time this year we’re talkin about some freezers and you don’t face was have smart technology to they have that actually keep working so if you can just shut the Austrian in that goes cuz I’m driving away from turning knobs and going into more touch screens aspects of Technology you know what things in my freezer so that they can go almost anywhere we needed to be next to the dishwasher or French there’s plenty of options you can put on the out sometimes it’s best to put out of the garage and other things can say cold and cool while they still have plenty of room in your refrigerator for the Necessities that you need as well as freezer does add a little bit more stylish because you can have a small one that helps out with little things what I’m bored I’m talking into the mic just a little Jeff let me know how the estimate goes yeah that proposal I mean that’s a big one Been a few big ones coming out to be honest the few big ones coming up. Like a hundred thousand a few bigger ones maybe within how he around you I don’t know around you and do you know this I don’t notice how you brush music YouTube how do you how do you get and I will see you in the most what common one people to get nowadays for this is stainless steel one because the fact kitchen remodels of people have been doing throughout the years the upgrade their homes and we know that for a fact because we are with the Remodeling Company you’re at Basin to remind me to walk the dog many many different remodel then have got a different styles of freezers topics that we discuss further into detail about the server freezers and refrigerators and it’s just going to the ideas of things you can do with them obviously I had to storage area for your food and drinks it really does help with them and I’m sorry that you have and here in Wisconsin making it very hot and then yeah but they have the other side of things when it comes to winter be here in basement remodeling more we have a lot of traffic cities and ideas to give to our clients so give basement remodeling Milwaukee call for free estimates play 951 have a good night but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee with a lot of things to go out throughout the days and today was a busy day but was a good tactic day you know our clients about that to that before and it’s been a good overall day for basement remodeling Milwaukee give us a call and give you a free estimate to look at your schedule and make it happen.