Hello everyone is having a great and fantastic week so far I know it is Tuesday here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re having the E Mission starts with the weekend and you know we have a few hiccups here and there but you know it’s nothing weekend she had a handle here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here we have every situation as a family talk to you through making sure it’s the best way to go about things so it’s been it’s been a decent week, it’s only getting up going up from here but you know you can’t look back on 20/20 and not say the 2021 is been going a lot better for everyone a lot of work has been started and it’s been Fantastic Four opening side of these another two or three contracts in the next week or so and it’s pulling out going out from me for basement remodeling Milwaukee with the work that we’re doing a handstand fantastic clients are very happy with the work that’s been going on the progress has been going into their homes I wish you have a few here and there that wish things were different which cities are going faster for slate assign on everyone on our fault either but we’re here to talk about game room decor now. so I didn’t mean by getting rid of course I got to see you have your game systems you have your games like foosball air-hockey pool or even yours actual actual gamer like video games you know you have your systems by let’s talk about the stuff that goes into the room and how the best to make a good game room see a good game room especially if you’re doing the games all the comes on the lighting to like you know if your TV Guide or is that computer you’re working on very good as a Valero on to it when you’re playing the game with all the lights to Bright you know it all that stuff goes into it as well as the design of the room so let’s take for example we have this beautiful room as a bar poker table and the air hockey table and it’s phenomenal okay if you have a nice luxury vinyl plank on the floor and it’s like an old wood type of luck to it’s his like that what that’s like polished look and you have your bar that has the same type of look and if he has ever saw the movie Maverick what kind of hat looks like an old western are like game room or you have your a poker table and you have an old type of bar I’ll see what the newer versions of like a stone that’s instead of like an old wood bar top of the old leather seats of brown maroon if I brown the kind of mixture of those fields even the air hockey is actually all the same color as well as all the poker table that it’s in there you have the walls at all Yeah the walls that are brown slight tint brownish it’s a it’s not too dark it’s like it more tan color and like I said you have a seats at the bar where there but the maroon kind of Suits people wear to weddings that has wines that are brown and going from Cross and do back and forth from each other then you have the wall by the behind the bar with a kind of a wallpaper design a But you have this is a huge design team in the ceiling has the gold metallic feel to it you have a pattern Bass tile that’s up there that is kind of East ceramic version and it looks exactly like the wallpaper you have on the wall behind it and next to the wallpaper bar cabinets where you have a frigate on top of the actual bar countertop that goes into it and it looks fantastic with the way it is you have an old Brown dark mocha color cabinets and a View cabin next to it that has all of your glasses in case if you want something different other than the stuff that’s in the cooler but this is only one version you know there’s plenty of things you can do like you have this one believe it or not ever talk about the bills here you have a room dedicated to build the car in the reading room like they like having they have a video game system and then they have everything being bills related I mean the football team Bills to there’s many many options you can choose from here’s another one like there’s a slice game room where you have a family type of game room border Real money fast any of this other game of war towards the family where you have like me the rock band Guitar Hero type of games are in the wall that you can move out into the middle of the floor with luxury vinyl plank flooring of fighting the old wood faction dark mocha wood and you have a carpet goes above any other kind of year people that surround the couch where you can put your drinks and play board games with you and our people there’s many different options here piece of my name or QE take you all your opinions and what I want and we put into this do you know the love is gone is gone and what you doing – you mean Haven there Dash vehicle boy you being a good boy you are sick but then I was going to Basement remodeling Milwaukee here are very good at doing exactly what our clients would want to do or we have a few clients are Weeping and seeing discuss the final part of the project making sure exactly what they want done and going on about that trying to get the details for give basement remodeling Milwaukee call for your next huge remodel.