Testing one two testing one two I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Tuesday evening at all I would feel a little bit late but you know your basement remodeling Milwaukee we are just glad I get to our work and helping our clients  projects making sure that the other all the way for them Because you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee  you get Auburn communication that would probably tell you about an over communicate every process that goes on dropping about a project for example commit kitchen remodels are very unique and very different from our other remodels obviously we do bathrooms basement smells kitchens but kitchen to a little more delicate and they kind of need a little bit more work into him for example ruler at 1 the house tonight and it was a beautiful home great people funny enable talk to you very well which is always a good thing when you’re looking at the aspect of getting clients your clients understand your clients that I can talk to you on a personal level as well as of this is level without but the different because you have a lot of things going to him you have the dishwasher you have think you have the oven you have all the captains refrigerator storage closets a lot of people don’t understand what that goes into these things and then he’s like oh yeah it should be a cheap about of that help us create a new kitchen and they require more delegates because their parvo house usually see kitchens I have the same floor as most of that level at a time and add a lot of extra value to Once budgets and proposal due to the fact that if you looking for just a loan at 4:18 that I have a lot of space and most people don’t have kitchens  carpets for their foreign luxury vinyl plank ECMO stitches you have about your mouth linked or they have a tile because you know they usually it’s a lot of foot traffic and you need to be easily and will as well as you need to make sure that if water does get into the carpet doesn’t stay in as well as your kitchen you a lot of food I can get on the floor and it’s also not going to see So one of the things that would goes into a kitchen is obviously the sink and most sinks now these have a garbage disposal you know these are very helpful and that we have a lot to look them over and have a little bit of food that needs to be destroyed take off I will see you prefer to give it out but these are very useful and there’s many different style files that you can have the many different things to do and don’t want to talk about garbage disposals but there’s also a lot of things to go into kitchens as well as cover topics stoves what type of washer dishwasher if you want if you would want any do you want some cabinets rank of a wall so you only have built-in cabinet into the walls you know we’re doing a project right now we’re actually doing that so here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of things are going to her projects in love we have to look up through and make sure that everything goes right cuz you know a lot of these clients or clients averity what are project to be great and I was so we do two months are the Mongols make the drink project the way the client wants hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure we have no communication like I said before and we go over a lot of different details about the projects we give you want attention to make sure that we’re getting it in talking  communicating properly as well as we give you the other forms of communication where you can leave a Passages as well as links to what you guys are looking for it for a Woods home In the air and on soft surfaces for 45 days since the beginning however you McGregor has been attached to return phenomenal according to Milan McGregor has been delayed yet again however only by few months luckily this time however there are no significant rewrite the current Sprint there’s a new report video because I counted your things are going on in the world here as well as one of my favorite things is Star Wars and Star Wars head. So great news where they’re pushing back again the Kenobi series which is a pain you know a lot of us are looking forward to that Buy here at Mason rivali Milwaukee we have a really big fan base we do all of the Star Wars movies and everything that’s going on through because we watch all the episodes of little things that go on into the store with series as well as major aspects of a trilogies that have come out as well as the shows stop Siri from them but here is basement remodeling Milwaukee we give a client a lot of communication making sure they get what they want that goes down to every little aspect so if they want this shirt type of garbage disposal will get that for that for them as part of our process as well as making sure just that they’re happy as a client’s you know we can only do so much for everyone hate it the way we do business and I hate the way we created our basements kitchens and bathrooms who want to be a business everyone loves her stuff that we’ve had done with them we have a lot of good test miles a lot of great reviews from a past clients current clients as well as we’re being a lot of more referrals this year so far we’ve a lot of referrals and where I’m getting the proposal the contracts ready to give us a call and let us help you with your next to kitchen remodel.