Testing one two test Fantastic and wonderful day today you know it is Tuesday afternoon and almost closed in for some people out there that have the nine-to-five jobs and I’m Sonic 95 but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee the topics that we kind of discussed last night about some ham hocks and swinging chairs and I wanted to discuss it actually accessories that go with them you know like I mentioned before there’s a lot of different ways to go about having I have oxy in the swinging chairs in what’s home or even in once property and I. Very different ideas you can go with you no like I said there’s a few that you can have in your home by having the hammock have a stand that’s on the ground and it hangs from a counterbalance with everything that’s going on so you know you have that going for you I’m obviously need to make sure that the point of steel parts are all good and make sure they can hold it as much as they say they can hold make sure you buying the actual seal pear Comforts of the prices of the things can’t marry but you do want to go fill it more expensive to make sure the ones don’t break you know they are crossed a little bit of basement remodeling Milwaukee money but obviously it would be well worth it to buy a high Mach and it just breaks right away is not something you would like to do you know be very disappointing. You know one of the things that I love the way when I was a kid. We had an aunt and uncle for great aunts great uncle that had a cottage up in Lake Superior on a nice little bay  and it was fantastic eight went on for 3 miles so it was the Three Mile Bay View shaped and it was pretty amazing that yeah it was all basement remodeling Milwaukee Beach so you can walk all the way down to go for a nice little run which I did quite a bit heated up to be careful though with Wildlife cuz it was I didn’t reply once infested be there with a lot of wildlife up there there are a lot of pears quite a big bear such a quite big actually saw a few which is amazing so you know you don’t see that very often when you go up North and there was one of the times I love seeing. and it was kind of fun and fascinating you know the city very unique but one thing about their house and Cottages was hand-built they created themselves Which is pretty with magazines it was a two-story cabin and it was pretty unique and made sure that the water came that came down on it with slide right off with the way they house and the cabinet was angled as well as has it all Plumbing which is also amazing because there was like five houses on the bay that was one of them and I was the only one that plumbing so basement remodeling Milwaukee is very unique I was used to say before violinist Kevin also have its own swing and chairs and it was very unique because it had a huge thing outside the door you can set the beach in the star out of the beach and water into the bay and see all the ways coming crashing in or even watch a storm coming in or even better yet watch the lights were you had no light  that was man made in the sky or area all you saw where the stars and the waves and all that coming down onto the extra water how’s it look kind of like a Caribbean Island haven’t really been the one I would say this though that when you see it all the stuff in the movie they look like actually be cuz the baby was very clean you can literally go to a hundred yards out and you would be still at your head neck in the water and let me see the bottom which was also amazing basement remodeling  Milwaukee we do a lot of aspects with design and making sure that your home is weeks after the way you want it so if you would like a chair that’s hanging from the ceiling we can have have a good night But now if we’re basement remodeling Milwaukee make sure are going to get exactly what they looking for when it comes to the remodel you do we pride ourselves and making sure that happens you know there’s a lot of companies that just have one idea and one look and they make sure it’s the same exact thing and every single time we know that every family is different every family what’s something difference because every person is different see how they’re definitely don’t want the same exact things and we spend time making sure that we are going over the contract or off the floor plans and making sure that’s exactly what you’re looking for we do this by in multiple ways by make me in an exactly what’s going on Ford sample here basement remodeling  Milwaukee we do look forward to creating orientations before a client making sure they understand this is how it’s going to happen or the first steps one of the second steps or the third steps you know we come in if it’s a huge basement at stuff needs to be demolished become into polish it but you can’t change the floor plan on that day either we didn’t make sure that it works continue the work that needs to be done we tell you we’re going to get it done in this time while it’s going to be as long as it stays on track when I change anything as well and that’s not a big thing here basement remodeling Milwaukee would you give out free estimates when you give us a call and check us out and you can see Joey come out and give you a free estimate.