A fantastic day testing one two testing one two there we go Lord one hope it was having a great day and fantastic Monday 3 round here right now in Milwaukee we’re having a great and fantastic day we just got a couple more checks due to the fact that we have sort of some projects and it’s been a fantastic we are doing a really great with the work that we’ve been doing and what’s the year that’s been going with my clients were continue to grab every single week and always sign one last week and worry about going to the side a couple more this week I’m so if I hear basement remodeling milwaukee when I talk about someone do you need gas very interesting because they’re all is wonderful where to buy hammocks Ranchers swing chairs. we’re having some experience hearing you okay yes we’re having some okay now that you can hear me let’s get back on track here. Hey Joe is there anything you would like me to work on this week for you guys or anything like that in the agendas or anything like that like work orders but you don’t want me to work on anything otherwise I’m serious to get to what my routine is fast monthly where where I think I want to check this month for reaching most of it on a couple weeks I only got like 17 or 18 but on most part I’m right around there stop 30 male bands just give you an update I just told him about the I didn’t give him any prices cuz he asked for prices on stuff I wasn’t even give him any prices I told him that we work with custom cabinets we work with kitchen cubes and for all very closely and then I told him that yes we’re as we discussed at your house we are going to do a half inch off the wall and we would do insulate I did some of that updated contract with everything else on it soft and I guess I did leave a message as well but he hasn’t returned my call yet but that’s was going to ask you so if he calls back I was going to set some time up with him and you so you can talk I feel like I’ll be best I’ll find some time on your schedule so you two can talk this week if he calls back. Discussing hammerfell swinging chairs and I need to further ideas and things you could do with them I am very interesting aspects to that just answer they don’t get backgrounds Testing one two three testing one two how was your quiet box is being shared as you know back the basement back to the basement remodeling milwaukee that we can hang stuff from ceiling to do you can always ask for something like this you know it is very unique to have an interesting and you do you be for your family get-togethers you know you have a hammock swing and all the kids are going to be playing and fighting over it that’s the downside you one but they are very nice and relaxed we can get bigger ones big enough ones from multiple people 4 there’s an closed ones is why I lie in those very interesting that’s what’s I hate you from the city but you have Kyle helps it’s stabilized the swing itself you pull going up kind of a robin say so if you don’t hit that pole when you are on the swing itself and you would change the way down but then that’s when she come down you have it can a chord shape and she looks like an acorn and your girl go outside they go to sleep pretty emotional shape of an acorn to so you have a big huge oval place where you can have a cushion for you do have a question and you sit down now there is very many and unique ideas you can have with these and that I just met you outside they are my friends I evil eye have family that actually has one in their house and it’s very unique and different from what you would see in other people’s houses and you this up in that Titan interior work can be done to make sure that enough weight is able to hold a person and not destroy any of walls or ceiling that is hanging from that way it is unique and safe and I just answered a different design of value to your home where you can make many many more memories with your families party and you have a bunch of kids downstairs and watching big TV you know that I will be arguing about who gets that chair because you’re going to say that but you know it’s so unique basement remodeling Milwaukee you do we do anything from Interiors side of things and we look at our families that they want what are the cooking for him make sure we critique and come up the planned to best fits for that family for our company as well a picture that is exactly the family once and that is doable for us at the end picture of the details are ironed out and it’s best to scratch what exactly what the family wants and if we execute that plan because you know we’re here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we care about our clients and making sure they get exactly what they need and want with the remodeling process there’s a lot of times where her get a remodel and they don’t get what they want at the end of it and that’s not what we’re here for we can sure that everyone gets exactly what you’re looking for for a basement for bathroom or kitchen depending on you think that’s that you want don’t know family is the same naked try to get basement remodeling Milwaukee call and let us give you a free estimate.