Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a great and fantastic day on this wonderful wednesday afternoon. I know us here at basement remodeling milwaukee are having a terrific day today. It has been a smooth sailing day with us here at the office as well as the job sites that we are at throughout the day today. Testing one two testing one two it is working labor hours what’s going on with the labor hours what do you mean that you need help with interested. pool noodle my mom is amazing cuz I like oh crap all the time let me take a look at the labor hours they’re all well I’m just trying to figure out what you’re using so you using the timesheets right whatever they have on there is what you put in the hours Did they go to a different way so I have to move the week but that. February but now that’s temblor I know but this was someone else hold on so I have to move Swinton maybe Swinton there you go so we have to move like and then if I highlight search. and I want to shove it in there but that’s how we did it before would be inserted but do you see my point sort of basement remodeling milwaukee. I don’t did you just have it each week don’t do it by groups what ways do is expand the cells to the people so you have the week’s out there right the other week and then you have the names will that you are like the dates that you have the names right so just I don’t see the point of like you copy and paste and now all you do is keep creating stuff at the bottom so  you do the week of the 18th everyone that was at that person’s house should have only be into that group correct well then that’s fine in it well I just don’t worry about the week then come over here let me see if I make sure I’m doing this right I’ll do one and then you can see if it’s different.Greatest hits a sick rest of the day and I got a little sidetracked here and there throughout the day try to help the office with some other aspects of the business and we are kind of talking about our clients that we have going on Each week in the last year-and-a-half which is pretty amazing you know you’re a new contract each week and then possibly they can think about and say what we’re talking about goals here we will have two goals here basement remodeling Milwaukee and their personal business in the professional you know each of us has wronged goals than what they want to Joe wants to own multiple businesses he’s on the verge of doing that so it’s pretty amazing but everyone should have goals in their life and everyone should have ideas of how to achieve them. Basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s pretty extraordinary when you talk about goals where we met our goals for last year where we made over $1000000 Revenue which is fantastic. it would be Things you can discuss here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of different clientele and it’s very interesting all the times we go out to estimates and disgustingly to acquaint them today they had a finished basement and they want us to come and just updated because it wasn’t updated since 1990 yeah that’s pretty pretty extraordinary but it still look really great that they’re really nice, but she did some repainting the but that’s about it are there nice little brother that they had a little area for the TV it’s me some time with the family so there is pretty stranger things when you look about a hold of sorts of things that you can do with setting goals and what you want in life because it’s what comes not just what do you want yes you do what you want to have to go chase the electrical to for a Chase something otherwise you’ll be just running around of the circle for your whole life not knowing exactly what you want to do Why you should give basement remodeling Milwaukee to call previous message we love you be one of your goals when it comes to Ravalli projects we do have a fantastic job at helping our clients with the unthinkable and making sure that the project turns out amazing that extraordinary. I’ll let you know that up appointment cancels cuz she hasn’t You know here at base for the mother was Milwaukee we have a lot of goals in a lot of different ideas of what we want to do in life and on each of us has our own true story of Our Lives so are the middle of our Lives summer just looking for some time to get away from home get outside the house and do some work extra cash on the side you can’t complain against tell us that we don’t know what we’re have goals we have goals and meet some of them are just as important as the next and it’s one of those leads were matters to us because when we come to your house and we give you that free estimate we want to make sure you have a goal in mind of what you would like and I wish that comes down to an idea of design but we’re saying what you would like do you want this is it your goal to get this process done or is it a goal just to kind of get an idea of what to do or is it something else regardless of the goals that you have we here basement remodeling Milwaukee ever owned and we’re here to help everyone in the South Eastern Wisconsin remodelers everyone goes to being the best remodeler in the area.