Fantastic testing 1 2 there we go. create a fantastic day. It is a Thursday afternoon and it is a phenomenal day out you know the sun is out with you it is a little cold here in the basement remodeling milwaukee area that’s okay. and I forgot to switch Golden Eye. We are here working with our clients making sure that everything is going the way that they wanted to go and make sure that the projects are going in on time saying that I’m sure that that are Cruise being respectful to the client’s homes and make sure they’re pretty up there tarps to make sure to keep the dust out of the hearts of the home and other than that is going very very well for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. Discussing a lot of different things today over the next few days and what is going to be green hopes. Green homes. Hopes because we actually had clients while back and I just touched a little bit of the green option they wanted to make sure that they leave a green fingerprints I think it’s one of those words that thumbprint on years to come with their home remodeling project  meaning that they want to make sure that they picked up a great tile to write apple tree the right everything to make sure that it was all great adventure that they want to come to destroy the Earth when they left in the house is still standing, which is very actually okay to think about but you know I got us like a natural ways and different things you could do to make your horse screen. purposes of the United solar panels to Once home to create a more lasting and sustainable energy for your home and Power that way you can lift up our does going on you have a backup in the solar panel or even you use a solar panels and everything into the house before you use the energy that the city gives you at the power that they give you throughout the city you know there’s a million different ways it is we’re going to be talking about it because you know I think about it there’s a lot of different things out there that you’re so beautiful and scenery and you know it can all be destroyed Westside just the ball of people that are using I would like to meet you. You know here at basement remodeling milwaukee  hockey we have a lot of different options a lot of different ideas that you can go with either we do work with many different contractors many different people that the idea that all coming to work you know when we put our heads together with a large subcontractors and contact you so we help and use nothing that can’t be done. You do a lot of it does come down to us with their heads together you know we was smartest person in the room if you won’t believe all the rooms they can buy the same problem I want to fish at the more idea generation and more helpful to the problem instead of just one am I said that one person that bad but it wants you have too many people that ruin everyone’s voice has their opinions and concerns about things but you know we do get ideas from other clients as well as we know it what we’ve done in the past with them to make sure that the end of a your stuff turn a great one hoping to make that you are such a great as well and things like that. You’re basement remodeling Milwaukee just better to our opinions as your opinions matter to us because you know we are here to create your vision of what you want your home to be in if you wanted to look like this and that’s all for to you but there’s my different options out there for doing a lot of different stuff for you do you look at the stuff or in general there’s waiting out there that can actually hurt your home is bothering to make sure it does last so it doesn’t Foundation of a home but you know it’s 11:50 to go to the process of thinking about this and aspects to the different designs you know which is the waterfall the people have any figure on the countertop is going to be held to give me hell by a cabinets take me out by the pool that you guys were created you know it just come down to things like that and what to expect what do you want done with one’s home. Basement remodeling Milwaukee helps long most process with their orientations by talking you through things  ideas for making sure that you understand the Big Bite laying out exactly what you need to pick out for us for us to do our jobs making sure that everything stays fluids big fat meanie make sure it is that you do we want to get done with your projects as possible with you haven’t picked out a up floor tiles that you wanted as we can’t continue on project so does come down to our clients making sure that they take out exactly what they need in one on a timely matter because otherwise Who projects being held up and we can meet on our end. So Give basement remodeling Milwaukee call and let us help you with everything that that comes with Miley interior designs from the kitchen so your basement to see your bathroom we do it all and we have a lot of different aspects to home and we help our clients with pitting incision to make sure that it turned out as fantastic as they would like it to get your heads up to date white they want to as well you know you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure our clients come first.