Hello. Hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Wednesday evening you know and you’re asking to stay warm tonight to get off and stay safe tomorrow Watts notice we do care about everyone here at basement remodeling Milwaukee making sure that everyone gets to work safely in a timely manner because you know it’s more importantly to get there 15 minutes late then to be dead.¬† your family definitely appreciate you being late over you over being dead. There’s been a lot of accidents recently¬† and we just want to make sure everyone’s driving safely and making sure everyone’s is gainsco destinations. The reason for that is because we ourselves have to drive to a different clients houses everyday and you know what’s wrong with it snowing in weho poor guys get there safely and time and matter what’s wrong with me one of those days where we throw out the making sure you’re getting there by 9 if it’s snowing and making sure you get there safely we don’t want you getting this time if it is really causing a crash or anything causing someone else to crash basement remodeling Milwaukee do care about all of our clients as well as all the people around them we are respectful to the people around us and making sure that we are doing right by everyone. It off some of the other things that we talked about you know it’s been a great day for us here we have a lot going on it’s been very exciting in their office and we can only hope that it continues to be more exciting Because you know a lot of things happen around here that has been very fussy to be suicide alot of contracts in the last couple months and we don’t look any more more clients coming through our doors and we can and asking us for free estimates you know it really does not Shock we do a really good job and great work here at basement remodeling Milwaukee you should take a look at their website with a lot of great pictures as client client testimonials Google reviews have the most views at Mount I need a reminder in the Milwaukee area which is always in its house for us supposed to anyone if you are of the highest amount of Google reviews with a 5-star rating I will you have a lot of great clients that also have clients that mean that you have given us some referrals which is also amazing you know a lot of this business is about referrals you know if people see people remodeling their homes and yeah well how do we even start this process well they didn’t get into details you recommend us to do people go and talk to their friends and family is about who they should recommend who should I get to come to work Elliott one of the main things we love doing here is bars and far as I really you become a passion of ours and we enjoy doing them because who doesn’t want to borrow their basements in off or even in their house I loaned you know what it is but you not wanting them bars near are pacemakers you know if you have alcoholic beverages I think you would like some whites with a drink sometimes you know our lease is running out of the basement remodeling Milwaukee drinks you have anywhere Can’t Stop on a dime Good how was yours I saw that there was a lot of great work there that’s good they’re going to leave already did everyone leave already okay what did they go I have a thought I saw okay YouTube I had to me Three Wooden Crosses on the right side of the highway You know it’s just talking to that one of the crew leaves here and it came in and we discuss discussing a little bit about what was going on you know they did a great job today at one of her clients houses here’s a start of the project was the first day that we were there and they got most of the work don’t you know some of these projects are not as complicated as a seam you know that’s a very small process and you know the most of work done already and I’m going to go in tomorrow make sure that’s finished get everything taken care of for subcontractors to come in and just do what they need to do. The walls fire basement remodeling Milwaukee Wisconsin some bars in the ice makers why is make a server in Phoenix like I said before the Panthers your drinks or not and you want them cold if you haven’t decided the cabinet that I can call him in a minute if you want to chill their nineties comes down to the things that you like in prefer just like any remodel the inside of it we make sure you guys get exactly what you want you guys pick out all the little details of the story that need to be taken care of what type of form you want begin with and then what for type you want out that if you’re looking for luxury vinyl plank options for that carpet there’s not just one kind of carpet you know it and you guys pick out those ideas we just make sure I get to the stall and gets taken care of the right way and singles bar in on the panel would shape the part you want me to have this one that working with that is just fantastic nice big basement beautiful home and they want to see how to make a c-shaped bar comes down to one of those things were unique very different from the rest of our lives. Behind the amazing things like that those kind of projects that are fun that they creative so I can give us a call basement remodeling Milwaukee let us help you create a bar for your basement.