Testing one two testing Tell everyone I hope everyone’s having a fantastic friday it is almost the weekend for a lot of people you know can’t get much better than that almost everyone time to head out but it is almost 5:00 and a lot of people do get off at 5 on Fridays you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do get out at 5 and I am just finishing a few things up here at the office and then heading home for the weekend you know and quite a good weekend in nice relaxing compared to most I do have to go a few places on Saturday the temperature serious that the two weeks extravagant or anything like that but we’re here to discuss not what I do it’s the weekend but we’re here to discuss holiday Decor we everyone looks the holidays and he looks think of Christmas Thanksgiving and I’ll and was kind of curious myself cuz you know it is past Christmas now and it’s almost done with the first month of the year of 2021 you know it’s kind of interesting how things have gone so far but it’s been a lot of interesting things happening especially here at basement remodeling Milwaukee were very busy we’re having a lot of business come our way which is very nice and we’re very thankful for. yeah we look back at the last year’s 2020 and we are ready 10 sales into this year while we were at any at this point through last year’s 2020 which is really nice to look at you know there’s a song video we did in school cuz you years back while. Two years quite a bit I can high school and we watch these videos of years and radio and it’s going to be interesting you know if one we did one of the 20/20 it would definitely be very interested in you know mine was 2012 and 2012 was a lot of first for a lot of people and I just think it back so you can actually popped up in my story on Facebook this today you know and we just clinched the comments on it and going over some of the things that we did but it was very interesting to know thinking about that this year from last year where everyone was you know we are very thankful for where we started and where we’re coming and we’re going here at basement remodeling Milwaukee but you know we’re going to be discussing Decor without in the people’s homes in the difference of holiday decor Are the differences between the holiday core and just regular Decor that you would put in your house every year every single day you know I was seeing for holidays you have your Christmas stuff because it’s our Creations which are all very interesting you know we have a good friend of mine while my mom’s we became really good friends of the family and they are how tree stand every year and they kind of take some of the stuff that’s broken off in the delivering the trees and I think these wonderful reefs that I just really big is front window as I was hanging up there and it’s raining very interesting then it’s very well worth what they do on the make a lot of people’s lives better with all the trees they sell and they also have really big trees you know a lot. Just get them from a farm that they have in Iowa and Minnesota from out here. but I was just a lot more than just Christmas trees and wreaths you have your holiday lights that can go all the way around you know there’s a lot of lights for each and every difference Holiday from the year I will see you have your Christmas lights aren’t on the longest most of the time you have your Halloween lights and decorations to make them look a spooky and kind of help the kids have a little more fun with trick or treating but you also have the 4th of July there’s been an amazing houses that are in the Pewaukee area that get all decorative out for a Fourth of July and they have all the red white and blue flags like colors red white blue by me like the flag self on my roof their house which is very interesting and very cool a long time but here basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of things going for us here and we’re very happy with how things going this year so far and you know it it obviously we’re not taking anything for granted we’re appreciative what we have like they’re stopping a few hiccups here and there, but without them with like a family here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and was Half-Life 2 more business coming in you are asking it’s already getting booked out until March I’m in the end of March so we can become a very busy people are wanting and realizing that we do really good work and our name is finally getting out there and it’s only want the good feelings that we have when we get a call and ask until you have to do to actually distance this is so I saw it actually messaged you and we will decide to give you a call so our clients are actually referring us to they’re our friends and family that are looking to get things down even our neighbors and there’s this thing called the next door app and they actually have one in the Waukesha area neighbors down the street from her clients that never met but they mentioned yeah we’re getting our stuff done by this is so and so and they’ve been doing an amazing job so you know it was very thankful as well when you give us a call at basement remodeling Milwaukee and let us get you on our schedule and give you a free estimate.