Boys having a fantastic and wonderful day you know it is a beautiful Monday afternoon and we can’t ask for much better day here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot going on throughout the week and our cruise already off to a great start up a few different projects of clients so what’s it going to be a great week so far you know the top it off we have a lot of exciting news which will be talked about a lot this week and top it off for having a few more clients signed well the client will they will be clients after wearing a few more potential buyers coming in and signing contracts this coming weekend’s going to be very nice and very exciting the start off today today we’re discussing home office that we talked about home offices for here at basement remodeling Milwaukee because start over everything with cool that you do as a couple months and you know everyone is looking to get remodel because they need a place where they can work from home. well things have not changed me nice that things are kind of the same spot where people are not working from home on a daily basis and they need a ride home office even more so even from last year for this point we’re getting more and more people coming to us looking for Home Offices And discussing like yeah we need this and the best for work and I know you’re not the only ones you basement remodeling Milwaukee know that if we helped a lot of people in the last few months create a new additions to the basement where they have a place to work it’s become a new normal see where people are home from work they don’t have an office anymore and they go out of Zoom calls and stuff along those lines Zoom Skype whatever. So when we going over a few more difference home office ideas and designs. but the first movie contractor of the Year award Are basements that we did in the past year and it’s been fantastic we we got the email this morning and we are all as static about how to change a lot of things you know we’re very proud of that worth it we did and we can’t wait to get to the award ceremony and get our award it off. Many people get chosen over for her and 35 people were submitted and that everyone got noticed self you know it’s a great accomplish it for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re very proud of it. This house was done in the Menomonee Falls area and we’ve actually got a quite a bit of referrals from them the last few months can I see a hold they keep talking about their basement they loved it and how if you ever looking to get Athena model just give him a call so it’s it’s been a very enjoyable ride these last few months and a lot of business coming our way and we are very happy with it. Going to different topic now we’re going into the home office’s we’re going to discuss in a few different options and choices of Home Offices of the Elegance of small ones and just a little area compared to a factual home offices with huge room of a desk shelves and stuff you know there’s a quite a bit of a difference we look at this one where is in the basement but it’s not a huge that way we’ll actually is a funeral because of what it does is a few walls but three walls comes out a little bit and give it to ask where you can plug your laptop. Where you can actually get to work and kind of zone out of the area where everything else that’s in the basement cuz if you do shelves on top or you could put your laptop the kind of hold some mementos basement remodeling Milwaukee and some Ruby Lea and stuff like that there was a few drawers on each side but this is meant for looking letters like you know it’s just not into it to create a whole home office but just create a little section of the basement to cater to the needs of work and things like that. You know it it it’s not always about making the newest and best room that you just saw a need or want is just about Simplicity you know if it is a simple design where you can go and where it needs to be you know what these days I’ll look like I said I mentioned before everyone is working from home and we just got out of an orientation where the both of them both parents are working from home. I don’t I don’t working from home one of the office upstairs wants the basement do they have two different sides and things like that to you. Basement remodeling Milwaukee VA House he have a lot of experience creating anything in the basement or the Ritz bedroom his offices will be theater bars bathrooms excetera we give you a full of pants and design ideas that can be done to you do if you’re not looking for a fall off as a great option to go with you know but there’s also full offices where you can have a nice area where you can just close the door and shut everything else out if that’s what you need to get your work done it all depends everything on the family and the people that are working there you know it’s not one of those things were too much for us it’s the preference of the family that matter say what they would like done with their home but you know they have to live there and hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee we cater to the needs of our clients and we also offer free estimates when you give us a call and we give you a free estimate.