Streamwood to oh wow that’s even close to what I said okay anyway hello everyone hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Friday afternoon is Friday today which is amazing you know you’re basement remodeling Milwaukee we just got done with our staff meetings yeah and everyone’s heading home I’m here to finish up a few things at the office besides kind of give a little talk about home technology today you know today interesting topic is allowed to touch on but you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we had a great week. you know it’s very interesting we are discussing Joe and I about what happened this past year like you know that watch past year has passed you while month-and-a-half and a six weeks of the year we have sold contract each and every week at least we’ve have enough sales to cover each and every week I would just sell to 1 week and then we did sell one another but that was it but we still have 6 sales at 6 weeks out of the start of the year which allowed fantastic and it’s amazing. but you know we’re going to be discussing a lot of different options today about whole technology really Song we know how technology is very different than what I was trying to describe it as so I would have sparked hopes and that’s what we’re discussing Smart Home Technology and different things you can do with Amazon fire with Alexa and you got your Google version of it as well and a lot of people can just do stuff from anywhere in the house you know you could say hey Alexa turn on this and they will turn it on awesome awesome technology control everything from an iPad or just a tablet including the shower and to the TV to the garage yeah it’s very different aspect of fainted how interesting it can be now I don’t have a smart watch that sounds interesting and fun at the same time I don’t think I would what would but an offering to be discussing some of those ideas you know it does really help with keeping things tidy as well as making sure you’re being efficient with the power usage that you have you know I do forget to turn on some lights and you left the house so you can from your phone turned off which is very nice and very unique and very good to have. You know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have an idea of that we make sure we’re doing the technology in your basements that where are you controlling the movie theaters lights can be dimmed and stuff like that you know what even the bars have different types of lights or more of the technology that was more for electrician but you do here at base with me by the mall like we have a lot of clients and a lot of happy clients and you know it’s very good to have them because you know our happy clients are very happy with how everything is alright apparently obviously get off and if we’re not half and I have either weird I was going to do it again. Shop you know when you get a few here and there they’re just hard to please and everything has to be perfect even though we do everything they asked us to do in what’s Wallace take they’re just not happy with everything and that’s a shame because you know what you do a great job will make sure that the space that you wanted is there and if it’s there it should be make you happy and with regardless the one little messed up but we had that it shouldn’t take your view on us as a whole cuz we did fix it and we make sure we fix everything to his way you wanted to you know that’s what we do here basement remodeling Milwaukee make sure our clients are happy and they get exactly what they wants it’s not doing that we’re not making money we’re not in business for not making sure that clients get what exactly what they want exactly what they asked for. But here at basement remodeling Milwaukee work very client-focused we are make sure our clients are very happy and going through the process of the communicating with them making sure that each and every design aspect is taken care of from the type of tile they would like do they want it or just a four in general I mean do you want Tyler to the carpets and it always depends on the rooms obviously to you know if your bathroom you don’t want carpets you probably want Tyler lvp which is luxury vinyl plank. Yeah and if you’re doing a basement you might want carpet in a certain area that way it’s a little Cozier as well as maybe like a bedroom down there you might want carpet instead of lvp which is also once again luxury vinyl plank then we go into the bathroom again here looking at the shower and then we’ll do you want I just tub and Surround you want to shower and Surround or do you want an ex tiled shower which can’t be done you know there’s a lot of options you have for a little every aspect of the project and every design every house is the saying every house is different cuz each family is different and we understand that here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we want to make sure that you guys understand that as well you guys don’t need if one else has you can pick out your own stuff to a certain extent we do make sure you guys have order from our subcontractors at least but you know here basement of Milwaukee we have a very high interest in making sure our clients areĀ  very happy with the work that’s being done.