I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic week it is just about over You know it is Thursday afternoon and stock closing time for a lot of people People here in the Milwaukee area I know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are just about wrapping up some of my clients is homes and cleaning up right now and heading back to the office and I know the guy that I come back and drop off the keys to the trucks and it’s a high go snack for the road and then get going home to their families I told you here we are really big and tight-knit group here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and treat everyone here like family and the owners Joe and Sara do the same. Where’s your accidental to talk about kitchen carts and I know that might sound funny but it Funny but it’s what we’re going to talk about today in these aren’t something we see normally but is an absolute and never wakes me up but you know we’re going to talk about the different styles through things you can do with old man how they help you in a kitchen that way you can think about maybe adding one to your own home and see what we can do OK the First Wok kitchen carts they are very useful they help with moving stuff Along by having stuff on the cart where you needed to be if you’re cooking all the table or you catching on the counter and you just seen some things that I normally would be on the other side of the kitchen if you don’t have a cabinet on the side that you do basement remodeling Milwaukee cook at or maybe extra space forces bases and stuff you can move it around or anything along those lines you know there’s plenty of opportunities you can see in use carts with it could be used for drinks do you have any friends or family over now you put a wine taste nice little card saying you can read them over and have snacks on this cart that way the closer to the table if you’re driving games with family over the kids mentioned that way the drinks and snacks are on the table given you guys more space to look at each other and not be so cluttered by the table itself topics of you can think about using them for but some of them are very interesting they’re very small or very small like I said they’re just nice little black one is that too much it’s not really expensive it’s very unique it’s probably bad for the things like I mentioned earlier or you just moving stuff from here to hear when you’re are cooking on that way you don’t have to go back and forth but has three different levels as well on top of Standish Milling is one of the bottom of the bottle maybe you be more foreseen sowerby permanent D’Orsay on the car you know stuff like that but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t normally make them it’s more on the aspect of the owner or the clients and by their own and see them and see if they use them or not obviously we here are more focused on the remodel not what goes into the kitchen afterwards they heard some different ones that you can think of all my if you’re more of the modern style you have this nice little black one that has a few racks where you can put this towel Rags or anything that you would need to clean up a mess or something along those lines as well as some space to have some silverware and drawers as well as space to put your drink some wine glasses and a top where you can put some snacks so it has a little bit of everything 2 it’s all the colors very modern stick with it, darker blue with a nice Pine and Woodland finish top yeah this is just one of the many hearts do we have here or seen while another one is As basement remodeling Milwaukee Nice a smaller one decide to different however it has a little less teachers that has the has the rag and this towel racks can I help clean up the messes like I said and it has a little cabinet inside and underneath space where you can set things on on top of the countertop I guess you could say I know that you got that red dirt swag I’m doing good how are you doing you know that is good to hear Brandon very good what you got there oh okay I see you I see you you may continue working here you working here Mart now or are you done for the day okay okay all right in the morning always YZ well what does he expect what like no one here is part time well he’s he’s leaving though like he’s not coming back to the work everyday if that yeah yeah like he doesn’t want to be work anymore and I keep taking to be tired he’s just trying to like he was doing this to get out of the house stay busy and he like the remodeling stuff aspect no get out of here and like unfortunately like they just needed to no he didn’t I get this only there’s a part I can understand though there’s only here’s the thing though so you look at she was in school last spring which I thought he was technically at school without you back without doing all that stuff without without replying and registry but yeah see see that but then like once again though a day’s notice how do you know what is not much has to go from you to let you know that I didn’t agree with oh how we did it but I’m just saying that that’s a possibility especially with the way that everything’s been going on with the economy in the world. oh absolutely Basement remodeling milwaukee give us a call it is. yeah