7 degree in fantastic afternoon you know it is Friday and we are going to Super Bowl weekend now it can’t get better than that it is very very cold out here in the Milwaukee area right now and here at basement remodeling Milwaukee I am freezing fortunately it’s how it is here in Wisconsin and we just can’t help it but we do have a lot of great things to look forward to this weekend Steve Warren is one of them as well as all the fun things are going on you know you have the Super Bowl I have a great and fantastic fundraiser I am going to tomorrow for my baseball team so you know I can’t do better than that so it’s going to be a great weekend and I can’t wait for it to start but here at basement bottom watch you were going to talk about kitchen island lighting today.¬† I know that sounded usually topic that we talked about lighting cuz we talked about it and passed but you know things like certain aspects of lighting and we even talked about under cabinet lighting for bars and stuff like that now we can talk about kitchen island lighting you know kitchen islands are kind of like bars in my in my opinion they have their Concepts and design ideas of a bar that I supposed to take that take place where you have a little more storage or stools that you can cook at is very important because first of all if you are cooking at you need lighting you don’t want to be actually chopping up some carrots and actually cut part of your finger you know it’s stuff like that but you know they are very nice UniQue Ideas they are the chandeliers you have and how some of them are very unique you know you have a chain one that has a rectangular hexagon 3D dimensional statuettes and it’s hanging from the ceiling obviously with 2 Chainz basement remodeling Milwaukee go down to a to a certain point and they are connected by a little while and then you have it leaning other poles lean towards the cube like being like an actual home so you can see that this Chandelier looks like an actual home itself with four candles in the middle you know they can represent allows everything’s if you’re thinking about stuff like that you know a lot of stuff like that there they can all we have four of us for going to have for a little lights here you know for each of us now it’s a very common thing that happened in the world today or families are like that Avenue at your basic ones you got the ones that just come down there and ceiling they have four lights were you with a pole on them you can get into the more future futuristic past realistic to actually looks like an old bronze names with the old fashioned light bulbs to them unique this is like a Skyline Ridge looking chandelier that you have your own chandelier that looks like an actual chandelier where you have two candles on it it’s just glowing hanging from the ceiling which is pretty neat you don’t see something like that any everyday but you know you also have you actually under cabinet lights as well You know under cabinet lighting is it says I’ll help you on top but it kind of helped you when you’re in the house and you’re trying to have a nice evening dinner with your significant other area, you don’t have to have all the lights on you have to take some of those lights on I kind of romantic evening a lot of these sites you can also do that scene though by just giving them a lot of these lights are dimmed so it’s very nice here basement remodeling Milwaukee video of a lot of different options on stuff like that we do a lot of kitchens basements and bathrooms we’ve been doing a lot of kitchens let you know we’ve been getting a lot of clients coming to us a hey what would it be if we want to catch him out as well we have to look at first you know that’s how we are here at basement remodeling Milwaukee would you have to look at are everyone’s home their space just to make sure that we know exactly what we’re getting into what we’re looking at and that we can account for other things when we’re looking at people’s homes we can watch their property and will you look around and make sure that everything is set in order to begin with and what anybody orders that there’s nothing that stands out of the hall but it is out of code otherwise we would have to fix it in order to continue the remodel I was with you have inspectors everything coming into making sure that is appropriate everything is getting done properly and I order as we do not going to be breaking any laws or anything like that it matters to us that we do a great job and it’s part of our core values is integrity making sure we’re being honest for clients making sure that we’re doing right by our clients here at basement remodeling Milwaukee you know it’s stuff like that that matters to us and we’ve had a lot of great reviews saying that we’ve done a fantastic job in which were happy with it where it we can’t ask for anything more we have one of the most Google reviews out of all the basement remodeling Milwaukee area which is fantastic and absolutely amazing that it’s such a support group in and staff as well as clintel that just cares about our well-being and wants us to succeed which is amazing have you ever feel like this is a good company why you give us a call and let’s give you a free basement or kitchen and bathroom estimate.