I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Thursday afternoon it is almost done time for everyone to go home and be with their families have some dinner activities that are after work I don’t know if he can go bowling there’s always starts some I don’t some softball tra play inside or you can just baseball practices it’s inside or any type of practice that’s inside you know but it’s almost done today it’s almost 5:00 here and it’s been a fantastic day we did a lot I got a lot done here at basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s been a fantastic week so far hopefully we sign a couple more clients by tomorrow but at least you’re awesome but we’re here to talk about kitchen islands. now I see kitchen islands I know we talked about the kitchen to the Past here but we’ll talk about the islands that you can see that are kind of just built into the ground you know you see a lot of those but that’s not the type of they were talking about today that we’re talking about the ones that you can move this is for kitchens that have a lot of open space where you kind of just need a little extra places to put stuff on what’s worse when you’re cooking it kind of helps having drawers and shelves that you can put some of your spices and things that you need when you’re cooking now going over a few of them there’s a nice little white one that we have here it’s like a shutters kitchen island you see shutters and it kind of looks like that on the sides you have an open area underneath it and then between the closest parts to the legs the closest like sweet old have like a shutter on like so he has a good thing going down and the house little divots at 2 a.m. then I want side which would be the side that’s probably the closest to you while you’re cooking face and all the stove the kitchen sink well as cabinets in holy spaces this is where you would have that facing but has a lot of drawers in it and I guess I have two shells to then it’s all white baby. The best of you have different style kitchen is also different other different styles as well but you have a nice brown wooden mocha color top now your basement remodeling Milwaukee we’ve done a lot of kitchen somewhere actually finishing up one next week hopefully and it looks fantastic already just don’t see touches to it and it’ll be all done but in this kitchen we don’t like him well that in this kitchen but in kisses we’ve done with done a lot of islands were we created cabinets to put in them. Just bought went out and bought all cabinet that you can put them in all that’s what we’re talking about right now like I said when I talk about Island where you have a sink on it or just tell me where you can’t cook when you need extra space. there are many different styles to these kind of kitchen islands you can go out and buy there is just something I was just very open in modern looking one is like looks like a task over has square base has little thing connecting the bottom bases together and it has two poles is going up and holding up the cabinet. The cabinet but the guess you can say and it has some extra space for you to cook now the other one is really nice looking one has kind of a shaker style look to it on the cabinets are more towards the shaker style and CEO of an island that it’s put has too much room on top is more probably meant for holding that was meant for holding your bags has a little drying rack and things that hold up rags and dish towels as well as it has some cabinets that hold some household items that need to be done like cleaning supplies most likely or even some knives and stuff when you need it then this would just help you kind of keep stuff uncluttered but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do like make a woman feel them into one’s home so she wants kitchen it looks to yamas and are penny and looks a little better receive your trying to say somebody this is the best way to go because of you that extra little space that you need that you looking for here basement remodeling Milwaukee eat a lot of kitchen islands we’re actually doing a waterfall in one of our clients homes and it’s going to look amazing when it’s done so yeah we have a lot going on here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of new project starting up and going to be fantastic week is going to be a fantastic year you know the New Year’s started by what’s the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century and I want something you don’t get to see him everyday it’s just in the area and you know it’s very new to everyone you know this year you like I do last year was kind of damp on people with a lot of things going wrong people with budget say hi to stay with me because they’re out of work the county was down a little bit care1st home due to the virus which is unfortunate for a lot of people in for a lot of businesses in but we made it through here and we’re going to be discussing more options on things that we can put it in help you with your home if you give us a call at basement remodeling Milwaukee will be glad to give you a free estimate and help you out with your next remodeling project.