Testing one two testing one two hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Monday afternoon so it is February 15th today where is month-and-a-half into the new year  and man has it flown by you know it’s gone by so fast and so far this year and it’s been crazy to think about it but we’re already halfway through a February a lot of interesting a lot of fun and exciting things happening here basement remodeling Milwaukee. If one of these days is Riverside car show a few single day every single day I mean every single week in the year so far and it’s been very interesting and very unique we are doing a lot better than we were last year at this time and we are very happy and excited to see that or looking at all the numbers to compare and how everything’s going so far this year alone so we just can’t wait to keep going and see where the year takes us because he our basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re very excited about not knowing what’s coming but you know very excited for what we’re expecting. yeah I want to be discussing know what to expect so kind of goes in and kind is into the top of that were discussing today. So I know we kind of anonymous ideas of the orientation and going over things with our clients and it’s a great idea for us to do and we have been doing this since September and we’re happy with it it’s been very successful unless our clients know that we’re complete communication with them it’s just showing them that they are any a good fit with us and that they are we are communicating and trying to communicate with them consistently on a daily basis. Said we don’t do that but I’m just saying help her clients know that the we are trying and we will provide a ways to grow and learn from arms from our clients what we could do better and how the other hand is we want people to know what to expect when coming in signing with us and we’re very idea oriented were we make sure our clients know what to expect from us we lay it out events Darren expect a complete an open line of communication between us and you and we do that in multiple ways making sure that they have the agenda that’s being updated on a regular daily if. Every other day basis making sure that we answer the questions that are left in the agenda as well as answering the questions that they email us or call us about. You know basement remodeling Milwaukee has a lot of clients that we have a lot of testimony was on a website that you I should actually absolutely take a look at because you know a lot of them are very happy with the line of communication we having all their weekly transparent with us about what we needed to do to be better we asked the rave ups and they’re more than happy to write us and we’ve we asked them why it how we can improve ourselves in those areas to make sure that we are supplying you Google the clients and the families that were their houses with the best quality best work we can give we take pride in making sure that here at at base revive Milwaukee that we do this. so for that I had it all comes down to the orders you guys are the household should also be doing your research on the remodeling processes and how everything works it’s not an easy process and we make sure to tell you it’s on he’s processing you know there’s a lot of things that goes basement remodeling Milwaukee involved into making a beautiful home and trying to revise the same there’s a lot of movie parts and that we need to be in communication with a you know you need to have stuff picked out by this time that way you know what to expect. Because it’s definitely mostly people daughter saying how things work in the remodeling industry you know there’s a lot of stuff that goes on in the oven in Two Worlds remodel weather with the kitchen basement bathroom whatever etcetera Islam only parts and it comes down to people need to know what to expect so we do that you have throat wine tasting and as well as we also she just looking up a few different articles, just an idea of what to expect what you should do I was doing a research you know that I know for me doing my own research house a lot rather than just also have it so we tell tell me everything you looking into things really does help with those aspects of ideas and attaining the information making sure that it’s sticks into my skull that’s just me but we make sure our clients are always there are always there for our clients and we are communicating with them 24/7 this much speed can is if they have questions we answering on a timely matter is that is very important for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we pride ourselves on that and a lot of Our Testimony has proved that we are as well you know if you take a look at them on our website at back to basic builders you’ll find us  and we also have the most Google reviews in the Milwaukee area with remodeling industry and we’re very proud of that as well as you know that I don’t like to keep reiterating that but we are and as well as we also wanted a word and then area for the contractor of the year with one of the past client of ours at we did a bar and Ice basement with why you take a look at our website and get back to us app to us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.